Konyaalti Beach – Activities and All Details

Konyaalti is famous for its beach with the same name. Konyaalti district is one of the closest touristic places to Antalya city center. Konyaalti beach is suitable for many activities besides swimming and sunbathing.

Konyaalti Beaches

It is one of the famous beaches in Antalya and even in Turkey. The coastline is 7 km long. The beach is approximately 4.5 km long. It is one of the free public beaches, but there are many paid beaches as well. In addition to services such as sunbeds and umbrellas on paid beaches, there are food and beverages. You can find what you need on paid beaches, but food and drinks are expensive.

Konyaalti beaches
Konyaalti beaches
Konyaalti beaches
Konyaalti beaches

Details About the Beach

Most of the beach consists of sand. Some places are a mixture of sand and gravel, but walking on the small stones is quite enjoyable. There are free showers and toilets in many parts of the beach. There are restaurants, bars and markets near the beach.

Konyaalti beach is very beautiful especially in the morning. The sea is smooth and the water is very clear. Especially, you can see foreigners living in Konyaalti swimming on the beach early in the morning.

Activities at the Beach

You can do parasailing in summer. In summer, you can participate in marine park activities on the beach. It is one of the entertainments that children and adults participate in. Finally, sailing sports are carried out on Konyaalti beach. Competitors from many cities participate in sailing competitions at Konyaalti beach during the summer months. In some parts of the beach, there are places where you can play beach volleyball.

Konyaalti Coastline

The 7 km long coastline gives the chance to do many activities. There are also restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues with sea views on the coastline. You can choose it for walking, doing sports or spending time with your children. There are many parks for children on the coastline. It is especially crowded in the evenings. The coastline is preferred for walking, while the beach is preferred for sitting or picnicking. Many people bring food and drink and spend time with their family on the beach.


  • Konyaalti beaches are beautiful but overcrowded in summer. Places close to Konyaalti harbor are quieter.
  • If you want to stay at the beach for a long time, you can take food and drinks with you. Because food and drinks on the beaches are expensive.
  • Antalya gets very hot in summer. That is why it is better to swim at the beach in the morning and then relax. Also, the sea is choppy in the afternoon.


Compared to other tourism regions, the number of hotels in Konyaalti is less. But there are many foreigners who own property living here. Especially Liman, Hurma and Sarisu are inhabited by a large number of foreign people. Therefore, Konyaalti district is somewhat advantageous. Because it is different from other touristic places, there are many food, beverage and shopping options. In short, it gives you the chance to have a better quality and cheaper holiday.


I have been living in Antalya since 2018. I have had the opportunity to explore many tourist attractions in the city. I write about places to visit, things to do, and various topics I have learned. You can ask your questions through the website. If you have previously visited Antalya, you can contribute by sharing your experiences on the website.

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