Things to Do in Antalya

Antalya, which has 19 counties, stretches from Gazipasa to Kas. The distance between Gazipasa and Kas is approximately 360 km. If you’re a traveler, where to stay and where to start matters. If you want to have a holiday, details such as beaches, places to see and activities to do are important. You can browse the topics on our website for information about places to visit, activities to do and holiday areas. You will find useful information and advice on many subjects.

If you are holidaying in Antalya, check out the category pages on our website for tourist attractions near your location. For example, if you are spending your holiday in Konyaalti, you can find information about beaches, tourist attractions and things to do in the Konyaalti category. If you need more excursions or activities, you can check out the next nearby location. For example, if you are looking for places to visit near Konyaalti, you can look at the Antalya city center or Kemer category.

Antalya city center

Antalya is one of the most visited tourist cities in Turkey with its historical buildings and natural beauties, especially its beaches. The center of Antalya is Muratpasa district and Kaleici is among the most visited places. Kaleici region is also known as old Antalya.

One of the best things to do in Kaleici is to go for a walk. Kaleici is famous for its narrow streets, historical buildings and houses from the Ottoman period. Some of these historical houses have been restored and serve as boutique hotels, restaurants and shops. Especially boutique hotels (stone hotels), whose historical structure has been restored and preserved, attract great attention from those who want to stay in Kaleici.

If you are wondering what to do in Kaleici, you can especially visit the historical places and museums in the surrounding area. The most beautiful restaurants and cafes of Antalya are located in Kaleici and therefore there are many options for eating and drinking. If you like entertainment venues, there are many entertainment venues in Kaleici. If you want to shopping in Antalya, you can buy very nice souvenir products from the small shops in Kaleici. Since Kaleici is close to the city center, you can also visit the large shopping mall and local public markets in the city center to buy something. You can join boat trips from the marina in Kaleici. You can see the Duden waterfall from the sea, visit the ancient city of Phaselis and swim at the beaches of Phaselis. Foam parties and animation shows are also organized on some of the boat trips.

Beaches close to Kaleici: Mermerli beach is one of the best beaches in the city center and close to Kaleici. (beach is paid). A restaurant with a Mediterranean view and all the facilities that allow visitors to have a nice time on the beach are available at Mermerli beach. The 6 km long Konyaalti beach is within walking distance of Kaleici. Lara beaches are approximately 17 km away and you can visit them by local buses.

Places to see in Antalya center

Places to visit near Antalya center

Lara, Konyaalti, Kepez, Dosemealti and Aksu are places close to the center of Antalya. Lara tourism center is one of the destinations that meet the holiday expectations of tourists with its beaches, night clubs and shopping malls. Lara is known by local and foreign tourists and also attracts the attention of day travelers within Antalya. Lara is located within the borders of Antalya city center and Lara beach extends to Kundu tourism center. In Lara, there are normal hotels and apartments close to the coastline, but the Kundu tourist center hosts large hotels.

Lara is famous for its beach of the same name and the Duden waterfall on the coastline. Duden waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Antalya. A note about Duden waterfall: There are two different Duden waterfalls in Antalya. The waterfall flowing into the sea in Lara is known as the Lower Duden waterfall and also the Duden park waterfall. The other Duden waterfall is located in Antalya Kepez and is known as the Upper Duden waterfall. There are cafes, restaurants and walking areas around both waterfalls. Lara is one of the places that stands out with its nightlife. In addition to restaurants and cafes, there are also many nightclubs along the coastline.

Lara is also the name given to a main street. On this main street, Lower Duden waterfall, Sandland sand sculptures museum and Aksu dolphinarium are located. The sand sculptures museum contains sand sculptures of many artists. Aksu Dolphinarium is a marine park where dolphins and sea lions perform. These are some of the places near Lara that you can visit with your family.

Kepez is a district of Antalya city. In the Kepez region, located close to the center of Antalya, there is the Duden waterfall and many beautiful parks that you can visit especially with children. Dokumapark and Antalya zoo are some of the most visited places.

Aksu is a district of Antalya city. In Aksu, you can visit Perge, one of the best ancient cities of Antalya. The ancient city of Perge is spread over a very large area and you may need to spend a few hours to visit the entire ancient city. If you want to visit the ancient city, you should choose shoes suitable for walking. In summer the weather is very hot so you can take a hat with you. There is a cafe in the ancient city of Perge for your food and beverage needs, but you can bring your food and beverage needs with you if you wish.

There is also Kursunlu waterfall in Aksu, approximately 7 km away from the ancient city of Perge. This place is also a nature park. Kursunlu waterfall is one of the best places to visit with children. There are also places such as picnic areas, children’s playground, cafe and restaurant at the waterfall. If you come prepared to Kursunlu waterfall, you can have a picnic, take a walk in the waterfall, have fun with your children and have a nice day.

Konyaalti is one of the places close to Antalya city center and is famous for its blue flag Konyaalti beach of the same name. The length of the beach is approximately 6 km. Konyaalti beach is one of the free beaches, it is crowded in the summer months, but you will not have difficulty finding a place because the beach is very long. Apart from the beach, the coastline is crowded in summer and winter. One of the places you will enjoy walking in Antalya is the Konyaalti coastline. Apart from cafes and restaurants with sea views, there are also entertainment venues on the coastline. In the middle part of the coastline Konyaalti city square(Konyaaltı Kent Meydanı), there are cafes and restaurants serving outdoors and it is generally crowded. You can visit Konyaalti city square, especially in the evenings when you want to eat or drink something.

Konyaalti beach is a public beach and entrance is free, but there are also paid beaches along the coastline. Beach Park is one of the most visited places on the coastline. Apart from the beach, Beach Park also has a park for children, restaurants and small shopping stores. There are also picnic areas on some beaches in Konyaalti. Sarisu beach and Topcam beach are the best for swimming and picnicking in the sea. There is also a beach in Sarisu that is only for women and has free entrance. Sarisu women’s beach has free parking, restaurants, children’s playground and all the facilities you will need at the beach. Children up to 6 years old can also enter the beach. Among the most visited places in Konyaalti are Tunektepe cable car and Antalya aquarium.

Konyaalti has various accommodation options for tourists. The majority of hotels are located on the coastline. In addition to hotel accommodation, short-term rental apartments are also preferred in Konyaalti. Konyaalti is crowded both in summer and winter, and at the same time, Konyaalti is one of the places where foreigners live the most in Antalya. Some of the foreigners who own property in Konyaalti visit Antalya for holiday purposes only during the summer months. Some of them live settled in Antalya. In summary, Konyaalti is one of the best destinations for a family holiday.

Dosemealti is approximately 20 Km away from Antalya centre. Places to visit in Dosemealti include the ancient city of Termessos, Kocain Cave and Karain Cave. The ancient structure of Termessos, built on steep cliffs, attracts history enthusiasts. The mystical atmosphere of Kocain Cave and the archaeological riches of Karain Cave attract nature and history lovers. Additionally, Saklikent ski resort located in Dosemealti is an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Manavgat, famous for Side Ancient City and Waterfall

Manavgat is famous for its waterfall of the same name and the ancient city of Side. Manavgat Waterfall and Manavgat River are appreciated by their visitors with their natural beauty. Boat trips on the Manavgat River are especially popular, and you can also have a pleasant time at the restaurants and cafes on the riverside. Walking by the river is among the activities preferred by visitors. Side is known for its historical Ancient City. Historical buildings such as the temple of Apollo, the ancient theater and the Side Museum attract the attention of visitors. Although Side is a tourism center affiliated with Manavgat, it is generally preferred more than Manavgat for holidays and accommodation.

In addition to its natural beauties and historical places, Manavgat also has beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in Manavgat is Side Public Beach, located in the center of Side. Evrenseki Public Beach, also located in the center of Side, is also a beautiful beach. Finally, Kumkoy Beach, located close to Side, is also beautiful. These three beaches are suitable for families. There are many beaches on the Manavgat coastline, but the above beaches are the most popular.

Green Canyon is a popular destination that can be explored with daily tours from Manavgat. Green Canyon, located approximately 24 km from the center of Manavgat, is especially preferred for boat trips. Tazi Canyon attracts the attention of tourists with its impressive view. Koprulu Canyon National Park attracts the attention of rafting enthusiasts, and jeep safari tours are also organized. Koprulu canyon is also an ideal destination for picnics and nature walks. Those who visit Koprulu Canyon usually also visit Tazi Canyon. Because the distance between these two canyons is approximately 13 km. Places to visit near Manavgat: Manavgat is approximately 70 kilometers from the center of Antalya, 60 kilometers from Alanya and approximately 40 kilometers from Belek Tourism Center.


Alanya, Antalya's Popular Holiday Destination

Alanya is one of the most preferred places for holiday in Antalya and is approximately 130 Km away from the center of Antalya. Alanya welcomes millions of visitors every year with its magnificent natural beauties, beaches, historical riches and warm Mediterranean climate. Damlatas region, located in the center of Alanya, is one of the most preferred places for holiday and accommodation. Damlatas is also famous for its cave and beach of the same name. Damlatas is located close to many places to visit in Alanya.

Cleopatra Beach, located in Alanya district center, is one of the most famous beaches in the region with a total length of approximately 2 kilometers. Located right next to Cleopatra Beach, on the same coastline, Damlatas Beach is another beach frequently preferred by holidaymakers. Alanya’s coastline attracts attention with its diversity. There are many options to choose from, between free public beaches, Beach Clubs and paid beaches that stand out with their service quality. However, if you want advice, Cleopatra and Damlatas beaches are the best.

Alanya Castle, Red Tower and Historical Alanya Shipyard, which are among the best tourist spots of Alanya, are located in the center of Alanya. These tourist attractions offer visitors the opportunity to travel deep into history. Alanya marina is an ideal starting point for those who want to participate in boat trips. At the same time, the surroundings of the harbor are also preferred for evening walks and are quite crowded. The peaceful atmosphere of the port offers pleasant moments to both sea lovers and those who want to take an evening stroll. Bar Street, located near the port, is the heart of nightlife. The bar street, full of its colorful and lively atmosphere, offers many entertainment venues where entertainment seekers can enjoy their evenings.

Dim Stream, one of the tourist spots close to Alanya, is located approximately 20 kilometers away and is very popular for day trips. While Dim Stream offers a natural swimming area with its cool waters flowing from the mountains in the summer months, it also gives you the opportunity to taste local delicacies in the restaurants around it. Sapadere Canyon, located approximately 44 kilometers away from Alanya, is famous for its eye-catching beauty. One of the other touristic spots that attract the attention of visitors in Alanya is the caves. In addition to the famous Damlatas Cave in the center of Alanya, Dim Cave is also full of natural beauties waiting to be discovered.


Best Things to Do in Kemer, Famous for its Nightlife and Holiday Resorts

Kemer, Antalya’s favorite holiday destination, stands out with its magnificent natural beauties, luxury resorts, beautiful beaches and rich historical buildings. Kemer, which is famous not only for its natural beauties and clear sea, but also for its vibrant nightlife, is also home to the best nightclubs in Antalya. Located approximately 40 km from Antalya centre, Kemer is home to holiday resorts such as Beldibi, Goynuk (Göynük), Kiris (Kiriş) and Tekirova. In addition, Cirali, which is approximately 35 km away from the center of Kemer, is also connected to Kemer and Cirali is one of the wonderful places with both its beaches and nature.

There are many beaches in the center of Kemer and in the holiday resorts. Most of these beaches are public beaches. Moonlight beach in the center of Kemer is the most favorite beach of the region. In addition, the beaches of Beldibi, Goynuk, Tekirova, Camyuva, Kiris and Cirali are also very beautiful. Nightlife in Kemer is quite diverse. In addition to Antalya’s best nightclubs, there are also small entertainment venues. Restaurants and cafes along Kemer’s coastline also offer ideal options for having a pleasant time.

You can have a pleasant time by participating in many activities as well as swimming and sunbathing on the beaches in Kemer. In general, the coastline is an ideal choice for short walks, but long walks are also possible due to the nature around Kemer and its proximity to the Lycian Way. You can join boat tours from the center of Kemer; These tours are usually fun with music and some have foam parties.

There are many touristic places to see around Kemer. Olympos cable car offers magnificent nature and sea views; You can also paraglide here. You can visit the ancient city of Phaselis, see historical buildings and swim at Phaselis beaches. You might consider spending a day in Phaselis, especially if you have young children; because there is a wonderful beach here with shallow and warm waters.

By allocating 1 day to Cirali, you can swim at Cirali and Olympos beaches. You can visit the ancient city of Olympos, one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Antalya. You can visit Yanartas (Yanartaş) national park by hiking. Yanartas is also known as (Chimera) and many legends are told about Yanartas. Cirali is the choice of travelers and those who want to have a holiday surrounded by nature, and bungalow houses are very popular. Cirali is approximately 40 km from the center of Kemer.

Goynuk canyon, one of the natural beauties of Kemer, is located close to Beldibi and Goynuk. You can spare 1 day to discover the beauties of Goynuk Canyon. You can walk in the canyon, swim in cold waters and have a pleasant day by participating in the activities organized in the canyon. Among these activities, Zipline and group canyoning are popular.


Adrasan Kumluca: Best things to do

Kumluca is one of the beautiful districts of Antalya, famous for its natural beauty. Known for places like Adrasan Cove and Suluada, Kumluca is ideal for both holidays and day trips. Adrasan Cove is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kumluca, known for its tranquil atmosphere.

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy in this beautiful cove. Firstly, you can sunbathe on the beach and enjoy the sea. You can also cool off by swimming in the clean and clear waters of Adrasan Cove. Taste local delicacies at the restaurants and cafes along the coastline. Additionally, you can go for a walk around Adrasan Cove and appreciate the natural beauty.

One of the most popular places in Kumluca is Suluada Island. Boat tours organized to this island are an essential activity for those visiting Kumluca. You can sunbathe on the magnificent beaches of Suluada and cool off in its crystal-clear waters. Many people describe Suluada as the Maldives of Antalya. With boat trips organized in Kumluca, you can also explore the bays in the region and go for a swim. Kumluca is approximately 95 km away from Antalya city center. For nearby places to visit, Finike is 18 km away, Demre is 45 km away, and Kemer is approximately 54 km away.


Demre: An Important Hub for History and Faith Tourism in Antalya

Demre is one of the important centers of history and faith tourism in Antalya and is visited with interest especially by foreign tourists. The main reason for this interest is St. Nicholas Church in Demre, and the other important place visited is the Ancient City of Myra. Myra is an ancient city belonging to the Lycian civilization and is known for its historical and archaeological riches. Therefore, daily tours are organized to Demre from many parts of Antalya. One of the places we recommend in Demre is the Lycian Civilizations Museum. This museum is an important cultural center where archaeological artifacts from the Lycian period are exhibited and attracts the attention of history enthusiasts.

Kaleucagiz (Kaleüçağız) is one of the beautiful places to visit in Demre. Here, you can join boat trips and see the wonderful bays and historical buildings in the surrounding area. Simena Castle and Kekova Island are also among the places worth seeing. To reach Simena Castle, you can take a boat tour from Kaleucagiz. During the tour, you can explore this historical castle with magnificent views and have a unique experience. On the island of Kekova, particularly the sunken city ruins attract the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

If you want to go to the beach after sightseeing in Demre, Tasdibi (Taşdibi) and Suluklu (Sülüklü) beaches are some of the most popular beaches in the region. These beaches have all the facilities for visitors to have a comfortable time. There are also restaurants and cafes around the beaches for your eating and drinking needs. Demre is approximately 135 km from Antalya.


Kas (Kaş): A Wonderful Holiday Destination with Its Nature, Beaches, and Historical Sites

Kas (Kaş), the most remote district of Antalya, is an ideal destination for holidays and sightseeing with its magnificent views, sandy beaches, and rich history. The center of Ka is Andifli, and important holiday resorts such as Kalkan and Gelemis (Gelemiş) are also located within the borders of Kas. While Kalkan stands out with its unique beaches, Gelemis dazzles with its ancient city Patara. This area is a perfect option for those who want to both relax and explore.

Luxury villas for rent stand out among the accommodation options in Kas. These luxury houses, generally preferred by large families or honeymoon couples, are located near the sea or on the high hills of Kas. Therefore, many of these luxury houses have both nature and sea views. However, rental prices are usually quite high.

Staying in the center of Kas is advantageous in many ways. For those who want to enjoy the beach, beautiful beaches such as Kas municipality public beach, Hidayet Bay beach, and Akcagerme (Akçagerme) beaches are located close to the center. There are many beautiful bays in Kas for those who want to explore the underwater world. If you don’t have diving experience, you can take diving training in Kas. This training only takes a few hours, and after the training, you can dive under the supervision of professionals. By joining boat tours organized at the harbor in Kas, you can visit the surrounding bays, beaches, and places such as Kekova Island. Some of the interesting places near the center of Kas are the Ancient City of Antiphellos and the Lycian rock tombs.

In the center of Kas, the historical Uzuncarsi (Uzunçarşı) is one of the ideal places for shopping and a pleasant walk. You can buy high-quality products in the historical bazaar. Nightlife and entertainment venues in Kas vary. In addition to classic nightclubs, fish restaurants, and taverns also offer different entertainment options. Seafood holds an important place in the culinary culture of Kas, and therefore, both restaurants and taverns usually offer dishes and appetizers consisting of seafood. Most of the entertainment venues in Kas are located close to the port. You can explore these places by walking around Kas harbor and have fun in a place that suits your taste.

Kalkan is a holiday town of Kas and is approximately 30 km away. Kalkan is famous for its magnificent viewpoints. Kalkan public beach, located in the center of Kalkan, is a wonderful beach. In addition, Kaputas beach, one of the most popular beaches in Turkey and famous for its turquoise waters, is also located in Kalkan. Apart from these, there are also many different beaches and bays close to Kalkan. Boat tours are also organized in Kalkan harbor. Kalkan is located between Kas and Gelemis. If you want to be close to both Kas and Gelemis, the town of Kalkan is a good option for accommodation.

Gelemis is a holiday resort affiliated with Kas and is approximately 40 km away from Kas. Gelemis is famous for Patara Beach, the Patara Sand Dunes, and the ancient city of Patara. Patara Beach is one of the longest beaches in Turkey and is approximately 18 km long. In addition to its fine sand, the beach is home to Caretta caretta turtles. Patara Sand Dunes, it is one of the natural wonders that captivates the interest of both photography and nature enthusiasts, resembling a desert visually. Patara Ancient City is spread over a very large area, and this historical place is one of the oldest and most impressive settlements of the Lycian Union.

  • For nearby places to visit, you can visit Demre, which is approximately 40 km away from Kas.
  • You can visit Saklikent Canyon, one of the best canyons in Turkey, located approximately 65 km away from the center of Kas. Saklikent Canyon is 29 km away from Gelemis.
  • You can visit the Ancient City of Xanthos, which is approximately 50 km away from Kas. If you plan to visit the Ancient City of Xanthos, make sure to also visit the nearby Letoon Sanctuary. The distance between Xanthos Ancient City and Letoon Sanctuary is approximately 6 km. These historical areas are among the oldest settlements of the Lycian Union and attract the attention of history enthusiasts.

Kas (Kaş)

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