Cave of Beldibi – Close to Konyaaltı and Beldibi

If you want to visit natural areas from historical periods, you can visit the Beldibi Cave, located near Beldibi and at an altitude of 25 m from the sea. Not much remains of the cave, a small part of it is visible. But if you want to walk in nature and swim in a different beach, you can visit Beldibi cave.

Beldibi Cave: It is within the borders of Konyaaltı. However, it is closer to Beldibi.

If we give information about the Beldibi cave: The cave was discovered in 1956. In 1959, scientific studies and archaeological excavations began in the cave. The cave, which draws attention as it is a shelter under the rock, is the second important prehistoric area of Antalya.

The cave was used by hunters in the Mesolithic and Paleolithic Ages for both rest and hiding when necessary. It was used as a shelter during the cave period. At the same time, it has the feature of being an archaeological site that is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists and is open to regular visits.

As a result of the studies carried out in the cave, 6 layers belonging to the Mesolithic Age were identified. Apart from these layers, many different remains are discovered in the cave.

In addition, in the shelter under the rocks: there are wild goat figures and similar animal figures painted with ocher on the wall. Beldibi Cave attracts attention with its various features such as wall painting and being the second important Prehistoric site of Antalya.

Beldibi Cave Beldibi Cave


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