Doyran Pond – Camping Picnic and Hiking Area

Antalya offers many options for local and foreign tourists as camping areas. In Antalya, you can camp either in an area where the sea and the forest are intertwined, or just in the forest area. Doyran pond is among the camping areas preferred by many campers . It welcomes many campers every year.

Doyran Pond is located in Akdamar Neighborhood of Konyaaltı district of Antalya province. It is located 28 km from Antalya city centre. Although it is close to both the city center and other living areas, there are no businesses and technological facilities around the campsite. It gives a feeling like a camping area that consists only of forest.

Camping and Picnic at Doyran Pond

Although Doyran pond is not a specific place as a picnic area, it consists of wooded and flat areas around the pond. Therefore, the pond offers the opportunity to have a picnic easily in many areas.

As we just mentioned, there are no businesses around the pond for your needs. The pond offers campers a completely natural camping opportunity. If you’re going to come here, it’s a good idea to come prepared. Around the pond:

  • At Doyran pond: You can meet your needs such as toilets, electricity and clean water.
  • For your other needs, you need to come prepared in advance.

There are no markets or similar places. However, you can meet your needs through mini-market-style businesses in some villages you will stop by before you come to the campsite.

Along with the large picnic area, the pond offers free camping and various activities. It is permissible to light a fire in the campsite, provided that you are careful. If you wish, you can enjoy kebab in the open and fresh air. The campground also offers the possibility of caravan camping.

However, since the campground is close to the settlements due to its location, there is no break in communication. You can easily use your communication tools such as telephone and internet. 

Doyran Pond Camping Activities

If you ask what can be done in Doyran pond, it offers many activities due to the formation of a camping area. The surrounding of the pond consists of trees that contain the most beautiful shades of green. There is a small waterfall at the entrance of the camp. Both the pond with the most beautiful shades of turquoise, the trees with the sweetest shades of green and a small waterfall are almost a great opportunity for nature photographers.

Apart from nature photography, you can do many different activities in the Doyran pond camping area. There are marked bike paths and trekking areas in this area. Here you can trekking and cycling by following the signs. Although the lake water is clear and clean, swimming is prohibited here. But Doyran pond is very suitable for fishing. By following the fish seasons, you can cook the fish you catch in a delicious way on the campfire. You can have a pleasant picnic under the trees around the lake. 

Doyran pond is one of the preferred places for spending time in nature and for various activities.

How to Go to Doyran Pond?

There is no public transport service to the pond. Therefore, you can reach the area by your own means.

You can go to Doyran pond using the maps application.

  • You will drive from the city center towards Cakirlar area.
  • From Cakirlar, return to the Duraliler neighborhood on the Saklikent highway.
  • After this turn, you will go towards Bahtili and Akdamar neighborhood.
  • You will see Doyran pond signposts on the road after Akdamar.


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