Kapuz Canyon – Best Places to Visit in Summer

Kapuz Canyon is located within the borders of Konyaalti district of Antalya province. It is located approximately 10 km from Antalya city center. It is called Paradise Undiscovered by the locals.

The canyon is admired for its natural appearance. There are small waterfalls at the end of the canyon. You can reach these waterfalls on foot or by boat or canoe. You can do many different activities within the borders of the canyon, which is not fully explored by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Kapuz Canyon Details

The canyon has a length of approximately 3 km. There is a pond at the entrance of the canyon. While the depth of the pond is at waist level in some places, it may be deeper in some places. The last 400 meters of the canyon is very convenient for visitors to swim or for activities such as canoeing and boating.

You can easily reach the canyon with your family or friends. You can reach it either by your private car or by public transport.

Due to the natural structure of the canyon, you cannot fully enter the canyon with your private vehicles. You can proceed with your special vehicles up to the mouth of the stream formed by the flowing water. After that, you can complete the rest of the way with a walk that takes approximately 5 minutes. In addition, there are many areas around the canyon for you to park your private vehicles.

Kapuz Canyon Entrance Fee

Kapuz Canyon is currently not operated by any private enterprise. Therefore, the entrance to the canyon is free.

Kapuz Canyon Activities

Kapuz canyon offers many different activities as an activity. If you wish, you can have a pleasant picnic with your family in the wooded areas around the canyon. There are no market-like businesses around the canyon, so be sure to provide all the necessary materials for the picnic. Kapuz Canyon is very suitable for barbecue. However, at the end of the picnic, you need to make sure that the barbecue fire is extinguished.

You can also do boating and canoeing in the canyon. As we have just mentioned, since the canyon is not operated by any business, the waters of the canyon are suitable for canoes and boats, but there is no business that rents canoes and boats in the region. Therefore, if you want to do boating or canoeing, you should provide the necessary materials for the sport yourself.

You can watch the view from the pier built on the edge of the canyon and swim in the cool and clear waters of the canyon.


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