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There are many ancient cities and historical places in Antalya, especially visited by history lovers. One of these places is the ancient city of Trebenna. The ancient city of Trebenna is one of the places visited by local and foreign tourists. The ancient city is within the borders of Konyaalti, but transportation is not easy. You can reach the ancient city by private car. It is approximately 28 km from the center of Konyaaltı.

There are camping areas on the road to the ancient city. There are also restaurants run by people living in the area. There is no road in approximately 2 kilometers of the road leading to the ancient city. So you will have to walk 2 Km. The ancient city of Trebenna is built on a hill and has a beautiful view.

If you want to take a nature walk, watch the scenery, and get fresh air, you can visit the ancient city.

About Trebenna Ancient City

The buildings in the city belong to both the Byzantine and Roman periods.

The city walls, tombs and some structures attract attention. The visible parts of the city walls were built during the Byzantine Period. There are many rock chambers in the acropolis cliffs of the city. These rooms were used for various purposes such as burial and shelter. Some rooms were used by people first as tombs and then as residences.

The city’s meeting hall and bath from the Roman period, as well as the acropolis, chapel and church from the Byzantine period are among the remarkable historical structures.

  • If you want to visit the ancient city of Trebenna, it is recommended to wear suitable walking shoes and comfortable clothes.
  • If you want to take a break or have a picnic, Doyran Pond on the way to the ancient city is very beautiful. Doyran pond is one of the preferred places for picnic and camping.
  • Finally, there are local places like restaurants in the vicinity. You can try local delicacies.


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