Gokdere Valley – Onobara Ancient City and Walking Trail

Antalya offers many historical buildings and natural walking paths as places to visit. One of these areas is Gokdere Valley and Onobara Ancient City, which are not very well known. What remains of the ancient city are inscribed stones and ruins. You can visit if you want to take a walk and spend time in nature.

Gokdere Valley – Onobara Ancient City and Walking Trail

You can reach Gokdere Valley with your private vehicles. You can take nature photos around the stream by hiking in the valley. You can cross the stream in the valley and proceed towards the Onobara Ancient City. The road to the city is marked with red and white stones. The valley offers you both a nature walk and an ancient city tour.

The ancient city of Onobara is located in the Konyaalti district of Antalya. It was discovered by chance in 1892 and archaeological excavations began in the region. According to the exact information obtained as a result of the archaeological excavations, the city dates back to BC. It is among the cities that existed in the 8th century.

Another remarkable part about this ancient place is that Alexander the Great besieged this city. The city was used as a castle city, which was connected to the ancient city of Trebenna, which was located at a very close distance at the time. It was built as a police station in order to prevent attacks on the Trebenna Ancient City.

If you want to go hiking and see the ancient city, you can visit the Gokdere Valley. If you want to have a picnic, you have to buy your necessities in advance.

Gokdere Valley Onobara Ancient City and Walking Trail - Gökdere Vadisi Gokdere Valley Onobara Ancient City and Walking Trail - Gökdere Vadisi


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