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Tourist Place in the Center of Antalya – Hadrian’s Gate

Antalya is one of the popular tourist cities and there is something to do for everyone. Some want to swim and sunbathe, while others want to walk around and explore. Hadrian’s Gate, located in the city center of Antalya, is one of the first places visited by travelers and history lovers.

Hadrian’s Gate

This historic building has a long history. It is also known as the Three Doors among the people. Hadrian’s Gate is located in Kaleici, the old settlement of Antalya. Kaleici area is very popular and is also known as Old Antalya.

Hadrian's Gate
Hadrian’s Gate
Hadrian's Gate
Hadrian’s Gate

You can enter and exit Kaleici through this gate. Hadrian’s gate dates back to ancient times. The gate was built by Emperor Hadrian in the 3rd century AD during the Roman Period.

Hadrian’s Gate is one of the best preserved historical places. The reason for this is that the walls were moved out of the gate and this gate was not used for many years.

In the architecture of the gate, both the Roman Period and the Seljuk Period architecture are encountered. The doors have a round arched structure. There are 2 towers on both sides of the gates, which were built using only white marble. Only one of these towers, which is decorated with relief and carving arts, has survived to the present day with its architecture intact.

While the Julia Sancta Tower in the south has survived to the present day, the lower part of the tower in the north belongs to the Ancient Period, but the upper part is rebuilt with Seljuk architecture.

If you are interested in historical buildings, you can add Hadrian’s Gate to your list of places to visit in Antalya. The place where Hadrian’s gate is located is the historical Kaleici region. Kaleici area is one of the best places for tourist attractions, entertainment venues, cafe restaurants and shopping.


Antalya is one of the best holiday cities in Turkey and besides its beaches, it has historical places and natural beauties that attract tourists. If you are planning a holiday or a trip to Antalya, the topics on our website may interest you. If you are looking for places to visit near your location, you can browse the category pages.

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