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Karatay Madrasa – Historical Site and Museum in Antalya

If you are looking for historical places to visit in Antalya, you can visit Karatay madrasah. The madrasa is also a museum where small works are exhibited. When you search for Karatay madrasah, you may come across different results because: there is a madrasah with the same name in Konya. You can also visit different touristic places around the Karatay Madrasa in the city center.

About Karatay Madrasa

The madrasah is located in Kaleiçi, the popular historical spot of Antalya. In some sources, the name of the madrasa is also referred to as the Karadayi Mosque. According to the 9-line inscription on the Crown Gate of the madrasa, the Karatay Madrasa was built between 1250-1251 by the Seljuk Sultan Izzettin II in order to use it as a Darü’s- Süleha.

The madrasa, whose architect is unknown, was also used in the Ottoman Empire Period, but was abandoned in the 19th century. The madrasa architecture is built in the closed madrasah type. Sille stone is used in the construction of the madrasah.

In addition to being old, the madrasa draws attention with its tile architecture. Tile samples of Anatolian Seljuk Period architecture are frequently encountered in the building. The madrasa was opened to visitors in 1955 as the Museum of Tile Works. 

Karatay Madrasa Visiting Hour

The madrasa, which is open to visitors 6 days a week, except Sundays, opens at 08.30. The closing time of the madrasah is 17.30, the same 6 days a week.


In Antalya, especially the Kaleici region is home to some of the best tourist destinations. If you like walking, you can visit many places in one day. I say if you like to walk because: There is a lot of vehicle traffic in Kaleiçi. So if you want to visit Kaleici, it is best to walk. Many people come to Kaleici to walk and shop. You can enjoy walking in historical streets and scenic parks. Finally, Kaleiçi is one of the preferred places for shopping in Antalya.

If you are interested in historical places, you can add Karatay Madrasa to your list of places to visit in Antalya. You can visit many historical buildings in Kaleiçi by coming here, and you can have a pleasant time by resting in restaurants and cafes in the vicinity.


Antalya is one of the best holiday cities in Turkey and besides its beaches, it has historical places and natural beauties that attract tourists. If you are planning a holiday or a trip to Antalya, the topics on our website may interest you. If you are looking for places to visit near your location, you can browse the category pages.

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