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Ancient Olive Oil Production Village – Lyrboton Kome Archeopark

The village, which serves as a 2,200-year-old olive oil production village and is connected to the Ancient City of Perge, is located in the Varsak District of the Kepez district. The village, whose existence was unknown for many years, is cleaned and brought to light with the cooperation of Antalya Museum and Akdeniz University. These studies are carried out in 2015.

Lyrboton Kome Archeopark Project

Lyrboton Kome Archeopark Project is entitled to receive an award in a competition called Historical Cities Association. Settlement in this village, which was brought to Antalya as an Archeopark, begins with a nun named Arete. Arete built a tower in the name of Emperor Domitian and Perge Artemis. It also organizes olive oil production.

Plant cleaning and archaeological restoration works in the village have been completed in recent years and the village is opened to visitors. From the inscriptions found here, it is understood that festivals dedicated to Apollo were held on the 3rd day of the 9th month during the olive harvest.

Lyrboton Kome Archeopark Antique Buildings

In the historical village, there are more than 100 olive oil workshops, nearly 100 cisterns, more than 80 tombs, residences where civilians once lived, 5 churches dating to the Byzantine period, 1 bath from the Roman period and the remains of the Arete tower.

The historical buildings in the village continue to come to light with the works carried out. In this area, where ancient ruins and structures have come to light, olive oil workshops carved into the rocks are some of the remarkable places.

Lyrboton Kome Archeopark - Kepez Antalya Lyrboton Kome Archeopark - Kepez Antalya Lyrboton Kome Archeopark - Kepez Antalya


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