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Old City Harbor in Antalya – Tourist Attractions in Kaleici

Kaleici is one of the places to visit in Antalya. Especially the Historical Yacht Harbor in Kaleici is one of the places that everyone should visit. It is also known as the old city port of Antalya. Many people describe the Kaleici region as old Antalya.

Kaleici marina, with its highly admired appearance and unique history, is among the most visited touristic areas of Antalya. The port, where the tourist visits are very intense along with the sea traffic, has the capacity to moor one hundred boats.

It is one of the places where tourists go for a walk during the day and evening in summer. Boat tours to many places from Antalya are made from Kaleici port. There are touristic shopping shops, small boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes with a view around it.

About Antalya Old Town Harbor

Kaleici marina, whose natural structure is in the form of a semicircle, was built in the Hellenistic Period. There are 110-meter breakwaters in the port. It is thought that these breakwaters were built for protection in the Hellenistic Period.

The completely natural harbor entrance is 110 meters wide. There are two bastions at the port entrance. It is thought by many that one of these bastions was used as a lighthouse.

Things to do in Kaleici

If you are wondering what to do in Antalya Kaleici, let us answer your question right away. There are many activities to be done in Kaleici. If you want to stay in Antalya Kaleici, there are very nice boutique hotels. Antalya’s most beautiful restaurants and cafes are in Kaleici. You can stroll and shop in the historical streets. There are many touristic places in Kaleici region.

You can have fun with your friends at Antalya Kaleici entertainment venues and take a pleasant walk in the harbor. Since the region is completely touristic, you can buy small gifts for your loved ones from the souvenir shops around.

You can join boat tours from Antalya Kaleici port. These boat tours are very entertaining, you can swim in the special swimming areas or go to the Lower Duden Waterfall and see another natural wonder of Antalya up close. If you want to get information about Duden Waterfall, you can take a look at our Duden Waterfall article.

Historical Places in Kaleici

Since Antalya Kaleici is a historical place, there are many historical buildings in the region. If you are interested in historical places, you can visit these historical places. 1 day is enough to explore Kaleici marina and its surroundings. You can visit many attractions on foot.

Kaleici Harbor View - Kaleiçi Limanı Manzarası
When viewed from above, Kaleici Harbor has a very beautiful view. You can see Kaleici from the terrace above.
Kaleici Harbor is surrounded by walls.
Kaleici harbor is surrounded by walls. There are also historical places to visit in the surrounding area.
Walking in Kaleici - Kaleiçi'nde Yürüyüş
It is pleasant to take a walk in Kaleici, especially in the evenings. The view under the lights is very beautiful.
Kaleici Touristic Site - Kaleiçi Turistik Yer
Kaleici is one of the places visited by local and foreign tourists. It gets very crowded especially on weekends.
Kaleici Surroundings - Kaleiçi Çevresi
There are cafes and restaurants with beautiful views around Kaleici.
Mermerli Beach - Mermerli Plajı
You can go swimming at the Mermerli beach, which is close to the port. It is one of the paid beaches.
Boat Tours from Kaleici - Kaleiçi'nden Tekne Turları
Boat Tours from Kaleici, you can spend a nice day by participating in boat tours organized to many parts of Antalya.


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