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Dokumapark – A Magnificent Park with Museums in Antalya

Dokumapark, whose foundations were laid by then President Celal Bayar and Prime Minister Adnan Menderes in the 1950s, served as a factory where cotton was processed in the early days. In the future, the factory closes due to various reasons. The factory reopens in 2009. Both the factory and its surroundings have taken their present form after the arrangements made.

Museums and Sections in Dokumark

Dokumapark has 238 thousand square meters of green areas, various museums, a gym and a cafeteria. There are museums, which are divided into various areas and have different concepts, both inside and outside the factory. You can visit these museums according to your interests.

Dokumapark draws attention especially with the fact that it contains many museums in a single area. Thanks to the Dokumapark museum complex, you can visit more than one museum easily and quickly without wasting time during the day.

Anatolian Toy Museum: Also known as Dokumapark Toy Museum, this museum attracts the attention of many people, especially children. The museum is located in the part of the factory that was once used as a nursery.

A total of 13,800 toys are exhibited in this museum, which consists of 15 halls and 15 different themes. There is a playground where children can play in the garden of the toy museum, which is divided into various sections such as a school classroom, fairy tale room, tradesman’s street, and Kaleiçi street, and there are special plant designs, century-old olive trees and sculptures of cartoon heroes in this park. There is a library and a toy workshop in the toy museum, which is established on a total area of 5 decares with its garden.

Once Upon a Time Antalya Museum: Founded in the administrative building of the factory, Once Upon a Time Antalya Museum deals with both the Kepez district and the past of Antalya.

Modern Art Gallery: The Modern Art Gallery is located in the dining hall of the factory. This gallery, consisting of 4 separate halls, welcomes art lovers with its many paintings.

Antalya Car Museum: This museum is located in the warehouse of the factory. Nostalgic vehicles that were once on the streets of Antalya are exhibited here.

Open Air Museum: This museum is located in a certain part of the factory garden. Models of historical and cultural artifacts from all over Turkey are exhibited in the Open Air Museum. In this museum, which has an area of 10 thousand square meters, 84 works of Anatolian Civilizations are displayed in 1/25 size.

8D Simulation Center: Here, you can spend time with your family or friends in a fun and enjoyable way, not by visiting different museums, but also by participating in 8D technology.

Botanical Park: In the botanical park area, there are many types of flowers such as plants that change color in both summer and winter, rose garden and shaped plants. It introduces the plant varieties and thematic gardens of the Mediterranean with its informative axes.

Antalya Science Center: The science center is located in the operation building of the factory. The science center is opened with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. In the center, which has an area of 12 thousand square meters, there are scientific workshops, experimental halls, specially designed galleries, exhibition halls, halls prepared for scientific shows and conversations. In addition, the center has the distinction of being the first and only science center in the Mediterranean.

Train Library: The library, which consists of wagons, has a length of 25 meters. There is also a children’s workshop in the library, which was opened on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Children can not only read books here, but also have a pleasant time in the hand workshop.

Yesilcam Cafe: The cafe is located in the manager’s lodging of the factory. It is restored for use, and posters of Turkish cinema are placed on the walls, and there are drawings of movie actors. Therefore, it takes its name as Yesilcam Cafe. You can relax here with your family or friends while visiting the museums.

Antalya Forest Library: There are more than 1000 books in the library catalog, which is established on an area of 1500 square meters.

Booksellers’ Bazaar: There are books that appeal to many different genres here. You can come here and buy your favorite books at affordable prices. There are different places to visit in Dokumapark. You can also participate in walking and different activities in the park. There are many options for your eating and drinking needs in the park.

Dokumapark Visiting Hours: Dokumapark is open to visitors between 08.30 and 17.30.


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