Gelidonya Lighthouse – Tourist Attractions in Kumluca

One of the tourist attractions of Kumluca is the Gelidonya lighthouse. Gelidonya Lighthouse, which is called the national heritage, has the distinction of being the tallest lighthouse within the borders of Turkey. The historical building, which has a length of 277, is visited by many people both because of its location and because of its length.

The Lighthouse takes its name from the word caledonia in the Lycian language. Caledonia means Swallow. The lighthouse, which has been guiding sailors with its light since 1936, first worked with hand power until the 2000s, since electricity could not be transmitted due to transportation problems.

Although the exact date of construction of Gelidonya Lighthouse is not known, it is thought to have been built by the French in 1934.

Where is Gelidonya Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is located within the borders of Kumluca district of Antalya province. It is also known as Cape Kirlangic, Cape Tasli or Cape Gelidonya. Located on the Mavikent Taslik Cape, the lighthouse is also within the borders of the Lycian Way. If you wish, you can visit the lighthouse on the Lycian Way trip or independently from the Lycian Way. If you want to get detailed information about the Lycian Way, you can take a look at our Lycian Way article that we have prepared for you on our site.

If you want to have a nice nature walk besides seeing the historical place, you can visit the Gelidonya lighthouse. When you see the view here, you will realize that it was worth your tiredness.


You need to walk for about 40 minutes to reach the Gelidonya lighthouse. There are signposts on the road. The journey with your children may take a little longer. You can take water with you to quench your thirst on the way. Also, comfortable shoes for walking will be good.

There are very nice campgrounds on the way. There are also Lycian Way routes on the way to Gelidonya Lighthouse. Therefore, the area around the Gelidonya lighthouse is one of the most frequented places for campers. If you like camping, the surroundings of Gelidonya lighthouse are very beautiful. One of the preferred places for camping is the Cirali region in Kemer.

Gelidonya Lighthouse - Mavikent Kumluca Antalya Gelidonya Lighthouse - Mavikent Kumluca Antalya Gelidonya Lighthouse - Mavikent Kumluca Antalya


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