Suluada – Known as Antalya and Turkey’s Maldives

Suluada is located within the borders of Kumluca district of Antalya. Suluada Beach, defined as Turkey’s Maldives, is a Mediterranean island. Transportation here is provided by tour boats departing from Adrasan. The beach on the island of Suluada attracts many people with its turquoise waters and white sands.

Suluada Beach Turkey’s Maldives

Tour boats complete the 15 km distance in approximately 45 minutes. The island takes its name from the fresh water source within its borders. Tour boats departing from Adrasan also stop by this water source. Many people consider the water source to be healing.

Known as Krambusa in ancient times, this island draws attention with its white sands, thanks to the microorganisms called foraminifera in its sand structure. There are many underwater caves in the island, where there is no settlement.

There are actually two beaches on Suluada Beach. While the water floor consists of soft and white sands, the outer ground is also composed of soft and white sands. Non-swimmers and children should be careful as the beach, which is evaluated as excellent by the Ministry of Health, deepens quickly.

While coming here, you can also immortalize the moment by taking a picture in front of Suluada Cave. Since the cave is part of the habitat of seals, it is forbidden to enter the cave.

Here, you can spend your holiday in a good way by doing not only activities such as swimming and sunbathing, but also various water sports, camping and angling.

Although Suluada Beach is suitable for camping, you should come prepared for your needs such as food, water and electricity as there is no settlement on the island borders and the island becomes secluded after the tours. You must also get permission from the authorities before camping.


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