Korsan Bay and Beach – In Addition Ancient City Harbor

Korsan Koyu - Kumluca Antalya

Korsan bay and beach are located between Karaoz location of Mavikent District, which is connected to Kumluca district of Antalya, and Gelidonya Lighthouse. Korsan bay and beach is actually the port of the ancient city of Melanippe. Transportation is made by boat tours from Adrasan. Some go with their private vehicles, but the roads are very bad.

You can also visit Gelidonya Lighthouse on your way to the bay. If you want to get detailed information about the lighthouse, you can take a look at our Gelidonya Lighthouse article on our website.

In recent years, especially those who want to camp visit the Korsan bay. There are also shower cabins and toilet facilities within the borders of the bay. It is free to set up tents and camp within the borders of the bay.

It gets overcrowded in the summer. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a place in the Bay, which is visited by camping lovers. However, there are bungalows and tent hotels in nature nearby.

The bay is located on the Lycian way. You can also come here during your Lycian Way trip if you wish.

Before visiting Korsan Bay, check its status on the maps. Finally it seemed closed.

Korsan Bay and Beach Korsan Bay and Beach Korsan Bay and Beach Korsan Bay and Beach


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