Sazak Bay in Adrasan – Bays to Visit in Kumluca

Sazak Bay in Adrasan is one of the coves intertwined with nature in Antalya Kumluca. There is a nice beach for swimming in the bay. It is located in Beydaglari national park in Adrasan. Access to the bay is done by tour boats departing from Adrasan. If you like nature walks, it is about 9 km from Adrasan beach.

Very close to Sazak bay and beach; There is an Aquarium Bay. Aquarium and Sazak bays are some of the bays visited by boats.

Sazak Bay in Adrasan (Sazak Koyu Adrasan)

In addition to activities such as sunbathing and swimming in the bay, you can also do activities such as free diving, camping and trekking. Although both the water and the outer surface of the beach in the bay have a soft sandy texture, some parts of the beach are stony. It would be wise to take sea shoes with you.

Many boat captains in Adrasan call Sazak Bay as Honeymoon Bay. It is because newly married couples stay in the bay on private or rented boats. There are also natural areas where you can camp and picnic in the bay. If you want to have both a camping and a sea vacation, there is no place to buy your necessities in the region. Therefore, you need to come prepared for your needs such as food and drink.

If you are a foreigner on holiday in Antalya and do not know the surroundings: The best option is to visit the bays with boat tours.

Sazak Bay and Beach in Adrasan
Sazak Bay and Beach in Adrasan
Sazak Bay and Beach in Adrasan
Sazak Bay and Beach in Adrasan


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