Porto Ceneviz Bay – Boat Trips in Kumluca

One of the bays visited by boat tours in Kumluca is Porto ceneviz bay. The bay is one of the most beautiful bays of Antalya with its clear waters and cleanliness.

Porto Ceneviz Bay, located between Adrasan and Olympos Bays, is one of the bays that cannot be reached by road. Transportation to the bay is provided by tour boats. It is said that the name of Porto Ceneviz Bay comes from the castle ruins on the slope of the mountain. Caretta carettas also live in the bay, which is the habitat of seals.

The black soil in the bay is rubbed on the body by some vacationers. Although it is not known whether this soil has any benefit yet, some people think that the soil is beneficial.

Although the region is protected as a first-degree protected area, there are few settlements within the borders of this bay, unlike other bays. Therefore, it is easier than others to camp within the borders of the bay. Although there is a settlement in the area, there is no business that can meet your food and beverage needs during your camp. Therefore, you need to come prepared for camping.

Apart from swimming and camping activities, you can explore the underwater world by diving in this bay, which has clean water. However, in order to dive, you need to prepare your equipment in advance.

Porto Ceneviz Bay
Porto Ceneviz Bay is one of the Cleanest Bays of Antalya.
Porto Ceneviz Bay
The bay is the habitat of the caretta caretta turtles. If you’re lucky you might see one.
Porto Ceneviz Bay
You can see ducks on the beach. You can feed these ducks with bread.


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