Rhodiapolis Ancient City – Attractions in Kumluca

Rhodiapolis Ancient City, popularly known as Eskihisar, is located in the village of Haciveliler in Antalya Kumluca. The ancient city was first found by Austrian archaeologists in 1892. Archaeological excavations were carried out in the ancient city, under the leadership of Akdeniz University, by starting detailed investigations in 2006. Thanks to the excavations, the stoa, bath, theater and main street located within the city limits were unearthed.

Rhodiapolis Ancient City

There are many people who think that the city was founded by the Rhodesians because of the name of Rhodiapolis. There are many small cities belonging to the Rhodesians near the city. All cities in the region where the city is located are members of the Lycian League. Rhodiapolis coins also indicate that the city was Lycian.

There are many historical buildings to be seen within the borders of the ancient city, which is definitely visited by those who come to Antalya for a holiday and are interested in historical buildings. Examples of these historical structures are more than one water cistern, theatre, bath, Opramoas monument, necropolises and church. Rock tombs are among the first among these structures.

Although Roman and Byzantine architecture is effective in ancient city structures, it is more like the Byzantine period. The theater of the city has an estimated capacity of 1500 people. Although part of the stage of the theater, which extends in the east-west direction, has been destroyed, the other part has survived to the present day.

In the upper part of the theater, there is a church whose apse has been preserved until today. Apart from these structures, another striking structure is the bath, which has survived from the Roman Period to the present day.

Rhodiapolis Ancient City 1 Rhodiapolis Ancient City Rhodiapolis Ancient City Rhodiapolis Ancient City Rhodiapolis Ancient City


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