Dwarf Cave – The Cave with a Story in Alanya

Dwarf cave is one of the tourist attractions in Alanya. The nature of the place where the cave is located is very beautiful, and there is a cafe & restaurant-style place to relax. The cave is on the road to Sapadere canyon. If you want to get information about the canyon, you can take a look at our Sapadere Canyon article that we have prepared for you on our site.

About the Cave of the Dwarves

The dwarf cave was first known as the place where the farmers kept their animals during the Ottoman period. During the Ottoman period, Agnam tax was collected from farmers for small cattle. Farmers used to hide their animals in this cave to avoid paying taxes.

There are rich minerals in the cave and stalactites and stalagmites formed in 10 to 15 thousand years with 7 different shades thanks to these minerals. For this reason, the cave is also called the Rainbow Cave. The length of the cave, which has a karstic structure, is 170 meters. Access to the cave entrance is via a 180-meter-long wooden road surrounded by trees. Inside the cave with 6 galleries, there is a walking area consisting of wooden piers.

Due to its cave appearance, it is quite similar to Damlataş cave, and it is also said that the cave is good for asthma patients, like Damlatas cave. If you want to get information about Damlatas Cave, you can also take a look at our Damlatas cave article on our website.

The Story of the Dwarves Cave

In the 1900s, a family named Terziler lived in a village called Tiriler. When a dwarf living in this family is beaten by his brother, he runs away from home and takes shelter in this cave. A shepherd who learns that the dwarf lives in this cave tells the family where the dwarf is. The family then takes the dwarf from the cave and takes him home. Therefore, the name of the cave remained as the Dwarf Cave.

Dwarf Cave - Cüceler Mağarası Alanya Dwarf Cave - Cüceler Mağarası Alanya Dwarf Cave - Cüceler Mağarası Alanya


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