Sapadere Canyon – Canyon to Visit Near Alanya

Located in Sapadere village of Alanya district of Antalya and surrounded by high mountains on 3 sides, Sapadere canyon has a length of 750 meters. The height of Sapadere canyon is 400 meters. Located at the exit point of Sapadere stream, the canyon also offers visitors the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with many activities.

Sapadere Canyon

The canyon and its surroundings were used as a picnic area for a long time by the people of the region. The canyon was put into service after the works carried out by the Alanya District Governorate in 2007 and later. It is approximately 44 km from the center of Alanya. Tours are organized to Sapadere canyon from Alanya and its surroundings. These tours are usually made with open-top vehicles. Sapadere canyon is one of the places visited by foreign tourists in recent years.

There are wooden platforms on steel construction in order to make the trips in the canyon comfortably. Before reaching the canyon, the promenade area and the restaurant are reached first. Afterwards, the canyon entrance is reached. There is a naturally formed pond 40 to 50 meters from the canyon entrance.

As you move towards the canyon, small ponds, waterfalls and trees among the rocks offer you a different ambiance. At the same time, the canyon cafe, which is built under a big rock towards the interior of the canyon, is nice to have a drink while enjoying the view.

The last stop of Sapadere canyon is the twin waterfalls. You can come here to have a pleasant picnic with your loved ones and have a fun nature walk. Instead of having a picnic, you can also come to the cafe restaurant and meet your food and beverage needs.

The canyon, which is free for children aged 0-6, is open to visitors every day of the week. The visiting hours of the canyon are between 08:00 and 20:00 every day of the week.

Sapadere Canyon Photos


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