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Perge – A Beautiful Ancient City To Visit In Antalya Aksu

If you like to visit historical places, the ancient city of Perge is one of the best places to visit. The ancient city is close to the center of Antalya and the ancient city is located on a fairly large area. If you want to visit the whole ancient city of Perge, you may need to spare 4 or 5 hours. The theater of the ancient city is very beautiful and is located on the road at the entrance of the ancient city.

Perge Ancient City in Antalya Aksu

Perge Ancient City is located within the borders of Aksu district of Antalya province. There are many historical buildings in the ancient city and it is one of the places frequently visited by history lovers in Antalya. As a result of the researches, it is seen that the prehistoric accumulation of the ancient city of Perge dates back to the Early Bronze Age. The Ancient City of Perge, which is deemed appropriate to be included in the UNESCO World Temporary Heritage List, attracts a lot of attention from art lovers as it houses one of the important sculpture production centers of the Ancient Period.

Excavations began in 1946 in this ancient city, which is referred to as Parha in Hittite texts. In 2012, the Antalya Museum took over the excavations. The ancient city of Perge, which had three main periods, spent its first bright period in the Hellenistic Period.

There are many historical buildings in the ancient city. Public buildings such as theatre, stadium, Agora and Macellum, entrance gate, baths, Palaestra, monumental fountains and water channels. These structures are dated to the Roman period.

The Stadium area, which is seen as one of the important structures in the city, has a capacity of 12.000 people. The stadium has managed to survive until today. At the same time, it has the distinction of being the second largest stadium in Anatolia. There are also four monumental fountains in the ancient city.

If you are looking for places to visit nearby, you can visit Kursunlu waterfall. The waterfall is approximately 6 km from the ancient city of Perge.

If you want to visit the ancient city of Perge, opening time is 08.00 – closing time is 20.00.


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