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Fun Activities for All Ages – Park Forest Antalya

Park forest Antalya: It is located in Antalya’s Kepez district. It is also one of the theme parks. If you are wondering about the activities to be done in Park Orman Antalya, there are many activities that both adults and children can do in the park.

Activities to Do in Park Forest

  • Survivor: There is a parkour activity throughout the day for children between the ages of 5 and 15. For students or large groups of children, there is a special service, healthy breakfast and lunch, security and health personnel, as well as expert instructors. Here, children can spend time in a healthy and fun way. In addition, children can participate in competitions and games on the track.
  • Gokart: If you want to spend time full of adrenaline and fun, you can participate in the gokart event in the park. This activity is for adults.
  • Mountain sledding: the park has the distinction of being the largest mountain sled field in Turkey and this activity is for adults. You can attend this event with your family or friends.
  • ATV safari: If you want to take a quick tour in the nature of the park, you can enjoy a safari with ATV vehicles in the forest. You can attend this event for adults either alone, with your family or with your friends.
  • Rope adventure track: If you like adventure tracks, you can join the adventure track activity for adults, which is located within the boundaries of the park.
  • Zipline: If you want to spend moments full of adrenaline, zipline is for you! It is an activity for adults.
  • Zorbing: If you want to spend time in a fun way, you can join the zorbing event offered by the park.
  • Horse farm: You can visit the horse farm, which is located within the forest borders, you can love horses and take a ride with a horse.
  • Thematic activity park: The thematic activity park allows not only children but also adults to have a pleasant time. Here, you can walk at a height of meters and go down with the long tunnel slide.
  • Cafe- Cafeteria: the park is not only fun sports and activities, but you can also spend time in businesses such as cafes. After doing the activities offered by the park with your family or friends, you can meet your various needs such as eating and drinking here.
  • Shopping street: The park forest not only offers the opportunity to do various activities, but also offers the opportunity to shop. Here you can buy souvenirs, local and natural products.


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