Cennet Canyon for Nature Trip in Manavgat

Cennet Canyon, located in the Kalemler neighborhood of the Manavgat district, is one of the places known to the residents and local tourists. However, it is one of the places unknown to foreign tourists. If you like nature trips, you can visit the Canyon.

best things to do in the canyon: You can take your food and drinks with you and have a picnic. You can go hiking in the canyon and its surroundings. You can swim in the cold waters of the canyon during the hot summer months.

Cennet Canyon in Manavgat

Cennet Canyon is not yet owned by a business. Therefore, you do not have to pay any fees, such as entrance fees, while coming to the canyon. However, there is no place to buy your necessities.

That’s why you need to be prepared by bringing your necessities such as food and drink with you when you come here. Since there are no businesses around and inside the canyon, you can clearly see the traces of wildlife here. In addition to going by car, you have to walk a little to reach the canyon.

Cennet Canyon is surrounded by rocks on both sides and the canyon is fed by snow and rain water. The area around the canyon is not suitable for camping. The rocks are slippery due to the humidity. It is useful to be very careful while climbing. The canyon has a shady and cool structure due to the surrounding trees.

Small waterfalls in Cennet Canyon are likened to water slides. The pond below the canyon is wide enough for 25-30 people to enter. You can swim in the cold waters of the canyon by visiting the canyon during the hot summer months.


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