Ancient City to Visit in Manavgat – Seleukeia (Lybre)

Seleukeia Lyrbe Ancient City is one of the historical places about 12 km away from the center of Manavgat. It is thought to have taken its name from the sailors’ handbook. However, in an inscription written in Side language in the city today, it is thought that this place should be called Lyrbe, one of the ancient Pamphylian cities, based on a mentioned sacred area.

Seleukeia Lyrbe Ancient City Historical Buildings

Although the ancient city of Seleukeia or Lyrbre was established in a mountainous area, the historical structures in the ancient city prove that this city was a developed city, especially during the Roman Period, despite its geography.

Surrounded by walls on three sides for security purposes, only the fortification structures in the southern part of the city and the monumental gate providing the entrance to the city survive until today. The gate is adjacent to two monumental towers. The walls extending from both sides of the gate continue until a cliff.

The walls were built with the rectagonal technique of cut sandstone blocks. There is an agora in the city center. While there are two-storey structures in the eastern part of the agora, the western part is leaning against a slope.

The gate of the agora, which is mostly dated to the Hellenistic Period, is provided by the monumental gate located in the southeast. Tetrapylon has a four-legged door structure. However, the tetrapylon is thought to have been added later, with a high probability.

The structures in the western and southern parts of the agora are named as Galleries 1 and 2. The northern part consists of historical buildings that are seen as important. Among these structures, the place where the Seven Sages Mosaic is located is defined as a library due to some structural features.

On the southwest side of the city, there is a bath complex consisting of three parts and a church consisting of two floors. The necropolis is located in the southeast and southwest of the city.

If you are looking for places to visit near Manavgat, you can visit the ancient city. The area where the ancient city is located is forested and has various plant species. Therefore, besides the ancient city tour, you will also have a nature tour.


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