Tazi Canyon – Famous Canyon with Its View in Manavgat

Tazi Canyon, located within the borders of Manavgat and Serik districts of Antalya province, is located 10 km north of Koprulu Canyon national park. Although the canyon is popularly known by the locals, it was discovered by foreign tourists in 2017.

Located between two mountains, the Tazi Canyon has a length of 4 km. It is known that the width of the canyon, which offers a panoramic view, is between 30 and 50 meters. The canyon is thought to have a height of between 200 and 400 meters. The canyon is also known as the Valley of Wisdom.

Activities to Do in Tazi Canyon

There are many activities you can do in the canyon. You can go hiking, if you are interested in nature photography and if you have a hobby, you can take nature photos. You can also camp in the canyon with your family or friends. You can have a picnic without lighting a fire.

You can also visit places such as the ancient city of Selge, which is located very close to the canyon, the Koprulu canyon and the Historical Oluk Bridge. You can do rafting in Koprucay in spring and summer.

How to get to the Tazi Canyon? If you have a private vehicle, you can easily go to the canyon with the help of the map. In addition, you have to walk about 1200 meters of the road leading to the canyon. If you want to go through tour agencies: You can go to the canyon by taking tours from different parts of Manavgat, Belek, Alanya and Antalya. If you are a foreign tourist or traveler on holiday in Antalya, tour agencies are the best option to go to the canyon.

There are few options for eating and drinking around the canyon. If you wish, you can bring your necessities such as eating and drinking with you. There are many beautiful places in the canyon and you can also consider having a picnic.

Tazi Canyon in Antalya Manavgat - Tazı Kanyonu Tazi Canyon in Antalya Manavgat - Tazı Kanyonu Tazi Canyon in Antalya Manavgat - Tazı Kanyonu


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