Side Ancient City – Best Place to Visit in Manavgat and Side

The ancient city of Side, which was the most important city of Pamphylia in ancient times, is one of the best touristic places of Manavgat and Antalya. The ancient city, which has been under the rule of different civilizations for many years, is known as a trade and port city.

The ancient city of Side is spread over a very large area. Only the theater and museum of the ancient city are paid. You can visit other ruins free of charge.

Ruins in Side Ancient City
Ruins in Side Ancient City

Side Ancient City Theater

Side ancient theater is seen as an important building in the city. M.S. It was built in the 2nd century to hold 9,000 people. It is one of the best ancient theaters in Turkey. The ancient theater belongs to the Roman period in terms of its architectural features. The stage building of the building, called Scaenae Frons, consists of three floors.

The theater is considered as one of the most original structures in the geography. In the basement of the first floor is the Dionysus Frieze. In the frieze, the life of Dionysus, the ruler of the theater, and the god of wine takes place chronologically from east to west. Apart from this, the facade of the stage building has a design decorated with architectural ornaments and sculptures.

With some additions made in the 3rd century AD, it was transformed into an arena and witnessed gladiator fights. In the Byzantine period, it served the public as an open-air church. Today, it hosts some concerts.

Side ancient city theater - Side antik kenti tiyatrosu
Side Ancient City Theater

Side Ancient City Museum

One of the best places to visit in Side is the Side museum, where the artifacts found in the region are exhibited. The museum is located in the area where the ancient city is located. It is one of the best museums in Turkey and you can see many artifacts up close. The Ancient Agora Bath, built by the Romans in the region, was converted into a museum as a result of the restoration work. In the museum, there are artifacts belonging to many civilizations that have dominated the region.

In the museum, which started to accept visitors in 1960, reliefs, inscriptions, sarcophagi and many different works belonging to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited. Artifacts found in the ancient city of Side as a result of the archaeological studies carried out in 1947 and 1967 are exhibited in the Side museum.

Side Ancient City Museum
Side Ancient City Museum

Apollon temple

The ancient theater and the temple of Apollo are among the places that especially attract the attention of tourists in the ancient city. The temple of Apollo is very close to the sea and has a wonderful view with sunrise and sunset. You can take beautiful pictures. You can also visit the ancient port, which is very close to the temple of Apollo. If you want to take a pleasant walk, especially in the evening, the ancient harbor and its surroundings are very beautiful.

Ruins in the ancient city of Side - ören yerleri
Side Ancient City Temple of Apollo


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