Guver Canyon Observation Terrace – View and Activities

Güver Kanyonu Seyir Terası - Döşemealtı Antalya

Guver Canyon and its viewing terrace are located within the borders of Duzlercami National Park in the Dosemealti district of Antalya province. Guver Canyon, which is similar to the Tazi Canyon (Tazi Canyon), is one of the places that attracts attention with its wooded areas and scenery.

Guver Canyon and Observation Terrace

Guver canyon, which is 2 km long and 20-30 meters wide, was formed as a result of the erosion of the surface waters. There are also animals such as fox, roe deer and mountain goat in the region. The canyon has a height of 115 meters and there is a stream between the canyon.

At the end of this stream, Kapuz Canyon is located. While you are in Guver Canyon, you can also visit Kapuz Canyon. If you want to get detailed information about Kapuz Canyon, you can take a look at our Kapuz Canyon article that we have prepared for you.

Guver Canyon offers visitors a view of the cliff from the upper part and the canyon from the lower part. For this reason, it is also known as Guver abyss.

There are small waterfalls in various parts of the canyon. You can have a picnic accompanied by the unique view of the canyon, and you can light a fire, provided that you are careful. Also, you need to make sure that the fire is extinguished when the picnic is over. Kanyon does not belong to any business. Therefore, the entrance to the canyon is free. You need to bring your necessities such as food and drink with you because there is no place to buy in the canyon.

There are various viewing terraces in the canyon, and the last part has a panoramic view of Antalya. Apart from this, there are also areas where you can camp in the canyon. Some cliff parts of the canyon are supported by guardrails for security purposes. Apart from this, the security of the visitors is ensured with security cameras. If you want to go to the canyon with your small children, you should especially pay attention to the children.

Activities to Do

In addition to picnicking in the canyon, you can have a pleasant time by hiking. You can fish in the streams of the canyon. It is also known that mountain climbing is done around the canyon. In addition, if you have a bicycle suitable for the terrain, you can do a bicycle tour. In addition to all these activities, you can camp in the canyon.


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