Ski Resort in Antalya – Ski and Beach Enjoyment Together

Saklikent ski resort is located in Antalya’s Korkuteli district. It is approximately 50 km away from Antalya center and 48 km away from Konyaalti. One of the interesting features of the ski center is that you can both ski and swim in the sea in the same day. Especially in February and March, you can enjoy skiing in the morning at the ski resort. In the afternoon you can go swimming in the sea.

Saklikent Ski Center consists of 500 chalets and ski facilities established on the northern slope of Bakirlidag in the Beydağları section of the Taurus Mountains. Saklikent Ski Center, which is the closest ski resort to the Mediterranean and the Equator, offers a fun ski and snow holiday.

The resort offers an average of 120 days of skiing between 10 December and 10 April. It is also considered as the hottest ski resort in Turkey. The number of sunny days is available in the center for 50 or 60 days. The average snow thickness is between 100 and 200 cm, and on the mountain peak it reaches 4 meters from time to time.

Saklikent Ski Center Tracks and Chairlift

Since the ski center is above the forest border, the tracks are very suitable for people who have just started skiing or snowboarding. The tracks are divided into three groups as amateur, intermediate and professional ski tracks. Apart from this, there is a separate ski and sled run for daily visitors.

Ski Slopes

Red ski track: Access to the red track, which is the track used by professional skiers, is provided by Karakaya chairlift. The length of the ski track is exactly 4,000 meters. The ski track road has steep slopes with sharp and hard bends starting from the summit and going down.

Black ski track: Access to this ski track is also provided by Karakaya chairlift. The black ski slope starts from the area known as the main station, about halfway up the summit. The length of the black ski track is exactly 1500 meters. The road is straight, but built on a steep slope.

Blue ski track: This track, which is used by skiers with intermediate skiing skills, has a length of 1500 meters. Skiers and snowboarders reach the starting point of the track by getting support from a standing lift on this track. The ski track, which has a gentle slope, is generally used for training purposes.

Yellow ski track: This track, which is accompanied by snowboard and ski instructors, is also used for training purposes. The length of the ski track is approximately 300 meters.

Toboggan Tracks: It is a track specially prepared for visitors who want to sled. It is forbidden to use sledges that belong to the visitors and that are brought from outside.

Saklikent Ski Lifts

Karakaya Chairlift: It has the distinction of being the largest lift in Saklikent Ski Center. It has a capacity to bring a total of 800 visitors to the top of the mountain. This chair lift not only takes professional skiers to the red ski slope, but also brings those who want to spend a pleasant time at the cafe on the summit to the summit.

Saklibel Teleski: Also called T bar, Saklibel Teleski: It is used to transport intermediate skiers to the piste. It has the capacity to transport approximately 200 skiers to the summit.

Babylift: Built in 2015, this teleski has the capacity to carry approximately 100 people in an hour. It is generally preferred by people who are new to skiing.

Children between the ages of 0-6 are prohibited to use.

Saklikent Ski Center Restaurants

Apart from hotel-style accommodation and skiing facilities, Saklıkent also serves its visitors as a restaurant. There are three different cafes and restaurants in the ski center where you can spend time with your family and friends in a pleasant way.

Stone Cafe & Restaurant: You can taste a variety of dishes between 08.00 and 19.00. The cafe menu includes hot and cold varieties as drinks. On the food menu, daily hot meals, snack, and grilled meals are served together with A la Carte service.

Ski Cafe: It serves between 08.00 and 18.00. It offers visitors hot and cold drinks.

Zirve Cafe: It serves between 09.30 and 17.00. It offers a variety of hot and cold drinks. As for food, it offers snack food types such as sausage, meatballs, hamburgers and toasts.

Saklikent Ski Center Accommodation

Saklikent offers many different opportunities to its guests as accommodation. Saklikent provides accommodation service with 32 standard rooms. The concept hotel, which operates as breakfast-inclusive accommodation, also offers lunch and dinner services, optionally, as full board for group accommodation. Rooms are cleaned daily, and live music is offered in the hotel lobby on weekends. Apart from this, guests are offered a lodge service in front of the burning fireplace.

Saklikent Ski Center Transportation

On weekends the center attracts quite a lot of visitors. You can reach the ski center at the weekend by public transport. Private public transport is available at the property, which is paid for weekends. If you want to go to the ski center with your own vehicle, you can easily go with the help of the Map. In addition, there are many direction signs on the road that show the way.

Transportation by Bus

There are buses going to the ski center in the parking area of Konyaaltı 5M shopping center. The departure time of the buses is 8:00 in the morning. You can return by the same bus. The buses that pick up their passengers from the ski center drop them off at the 5M shopping center at around 16:00.


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