Ariassos Ancient City – Historic Site and Walking Area

The ancient city of Ariassos is located 1 km from Akkoc Village-Neighbourhood, which is within the borders of Dosemealti district of Antalya province. The history of the city, which is among the ancient cities of the Pisidia Region, dates back to BC. It dates back to 3000 years. The ancient city was founded by Etruscan tribes who migrated from the north. Due to its geographical location, the Ancient City of Ariassos earns its living by receiving tribute and toll, as it is located in the area connecting the Antalya Plain to the Anatolian Plateau.

Apart from this, it is also said that winemaking, viticulture and olive oil production were carried out in the city. It is thought that the city was abandoned because it was destroyed as a result of an earthquake in the Late Roman Period.

Ariassos Ancient City Buildings

There are many remarkable historical buildings in the ancient city of Ariassos, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. When the plan of the city is examined, there is a Necropolis area extending from east to west, civil buildings and the southern corner of the city walls, the city gate, a possible columned street extending from the city gate to the west, the ancient city’s campus on the north of the street, and a Necropolis area on the west.

The city gate, which is still standing today and has become the symbol of the city, mausoleum-type tombs, Roman Road, Bouleuterion, Gymnasium, Nymphaion, bath and theater structures are located in the ancient city.

In addition to seeing a historical place, you can spend time in nature and take a walk. Since the ancient city is located on a hill, you can take beautiful pictures with the view.


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