Selge Ancient City and Soon to be Visited Adam Rocks

Selge ancient city it is located approximately 90 km from the center of Manavgat. It is located 10 km from the Koprulu canyon. Finally, about 15 km away, there are Adam rocks, and if you find time, you can visit these Adam rocks.

Selge Ancient City

When you approach the ancient city, you can see the city walls protecting the city on the hill in the south. The main entrance gate of the city is also located on this side. On the hill on the north side of the walls are the remains of two temples, one dedicated to Artemis and the other to Zeus.

The market place called Agora, the monumental fountain building, the church dating to the Byzantine Period and the tombs called the Necropolis are among the historical structures belonging to the Ancient City of Selge.

The city’s agora has a rectangular plan and the basilica is located in the eastern part of the agora. The Colonnaded street of the ancient city and the monumental fountain remained under the ground.

The tomb of the city, namely the Necropolis, has survived to the present day, but has been damaged by the robbers.

The strongest structure of Selge Ancient City is the theater. It has a capacity of approximately 9000 people. It is one of the most beautiful theaters of the region where it is located.

Next to the theater is the stadium, which is almost destroyed. However, if you look carefully at the theater area, you can notice the remains of their seats.

The ancient city is located on the road leading to the Köprülü canyon. Therefore, you can visit the Köprülü canyon first and then the ancient city of Selge if you wish. Adam rocks, on the other hand, attract the attention of many people with its appearance. Adam rocks is worth a visit if you have enough time. Many people come to take a walk among the Adam rocks and take pictures of these interesting rocks.

There is a cafe run by the villagers on the site of the ancient city.

Selge Ancient City Theater
Selge Ancient City Theater
Man rocks that impresses people with his appearance. (Adam Kayalar)
Adam Rocks (Adam Kayalar)


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