Titreyengol – Famous Lake and Walking Area in Manavgat

Titreyengol, which is among the most famous lakes of Antalya, is located within the borders of Manavgat district of Antalya. It attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

The lake, whose ecological diversity has been increased by Matlab studies, is formed by the combination of the fresh water from the Manavgat River and the salty water in the area where the lake is formed.

The lake covers an area of approximately 3000 square meters. There are hotels around Titreyengol. Titreyengol gets its name from the fact that the water appears to tremble as a result of the wind rippling the water surface.

The lake water, which is located very close to the sea, is poured into the sea. There are many different animal species such as peking duck and cormorant within the borders of the lake. There is also a legendary story about Titreyengol.

The Legend of Titreyengol

The legend is about a fisherman. According to the legend, a fisherman living around the lake constantly feeds the birds living on the lake. One day, a few hunters start hunting the ducks on the lake. Seeing this situation, the fisherman wants to prevent the hunters. Hunters get angry with the fisherman and make him fall into the lake. Birds who see this form a Tornado on the lake by flapping their wings, and the hunters who see this are afraid and run away. Since then, the lake waters continue to tremble constantly. The flapping of the wings of the birds is interpreted by the local people as the cry of the birds for the fisherman.

What to do in Titreyengol?

Since there are hotels around the lake, there are not many activities to do. The area around the lake is suitable for walking, so one of the best things to do is hiking. Apart from the walk, you can take your food and drinks with you and have a picnic.

Swimming and hunting in the lake is prohibited. If you want to go with your children: you have to be careful because the area around the lake is open.


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