Manavgat Municipality Public City Museum

One of the places to visit in Manavgat is the Manavgat Municipality public city museum. The museum was opened to visitors after a year of work by expert teams. The museum is built on an area of 1200 square meters. In the city museum, there are more than 3,000 works describing the folk culture of Manavgat and the Yoruk culture. Apart from this, there are many staging areas, 50 in total, inside and outside the museum.

In the museum, which consists of two floors, there are many works of the Yörük people, describing the Crete and Manavgat culture. The number of these works reaches 3 thousand. The museum, where the works are collected and exhibited as a result of a deep and comprehensive study, has a total of 50 staging areas both inside and outside.

The museum received an award in the category of City Museums in the competition called Museum Encouragement organized by the Historical Cities Association in 2021.

Since the museum is located in the center of Manavgat, it is easy to access. It is about 5 km away from Side area. There are walking areas and places to sit in the large garden of the museum. Since the museum is close to the Manavgat river, there are also places such as cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.


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