Manavgat Waterfall – Top Touristic Places in Manavgat

Manavgat Waterfall, as its name suggests, is located in the Manavgat district of Antalya province, on the Manavgat River. The waterfall, which is 72 km away from Antalya, is formed by the pouring of the river waters from a height of 3-4 meters. Although the waterfall has a small height, it flows into a wide water bed.

There are many cafes and restaurants at the location of the waterfall. Especially the places where various souvenirs are sold are in the majority. Waterfall is one of Manavgat’s best-known tourist attractions and it gets overcrowded, especially in summer.

What to do in Manavgat Waterfall?

There are picnic areas around Manavgat Waterfall where you can have a pleasant picnic with your friends and family. Apart from this, you can enjoy the view with food and drinks at the cafes and restaurants located by the waterfall. You can take beautiful pictures accompanied by the scenery on the viewing terraces. There are walking areas around the waterfall, you can have a nice walk accompanied by the waterfall view and the sound of the water.

Manavgat Waterfall - Manavgat Şelalesi Manavgat Waterfall - Manavgat Şelalesi Manavgat Waterfall - Manavgat Şelalesi Manavgat Waterfall - Manavgat Şelalesi


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