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Sand Sculpture Museum – Sandland – Places To Visit In Lara

Antalya, which is among the top holiday cities in Turkey, offers tourists many museums to visit. One of these museums is Sandland: The museum located in Antalya Guzeloba is very close to Lara beach. Sandland is a sand sculpture museum. Welcoming its visitors as an open-air museum, Sandland is one of the places where children and adults can visit and have fun together.

Sandland – Sand Sculpture Museum

Sandland open-air sand sculpture museum is among the places that attract attention and are never forgotten by tourists. It has hosted the oldest and largest sand sculpture events in the world since 2006.

It is the first and only open exhibition in the world, opened to visitors for 12 months. The sand sculptures on display are made in an area of 7 thousand square meters on the coast of Lara and using approximately 10 thousand tons of sand in 3 weeks.

Only water and river sand are used in these activities. Many people wonder when the Sandland sand sculpture events are attended by the most sand artists. These events take place in April every year. Works made by international sculptors are demolished in accordance with the rules of sand art. New sand sculptures are being built to replace the destroyed sand sculptures.

Activities at the Sand Sculpture Museum

Sandland activities are quite diverse. In addition to visiting the sand sculptures made with great effort, you can do ATV safari and various water sports in the exhibition located on the seaside.

You can watch the world, sun and moon on the giant screen, and you can have a wonderful experience in the human gyroscope, which creates a zero-gravity environment in astronaut training. If you want to come here with your children, you can involve your children in the activities held with kinetic sand at the Magic Sand Castle, which was specially created for children.

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Sandland, which also organizes school trips, special activities for companies, and Space adventure themed birthday events for children: you can also participate in exhibitions of works such as painting, sculpture, jewelry and photography. Announcement of these exhibitions is made on the Sandland official page.

In addition to these activities, Sandland also offers a cafeteria for you to meet your food and drink needs in front of the giant screen where the construction phase of the sculptures is presented. Here you can both watch the construction of the sculptures and take a short break for your tour.

  • Shakespeare Coffee & bistro
  • Lavazza
  • Pikan bakery cafe

These are the cafes and businesses you can reach within Sandland.

Sandland Visiting Hours

Sandland sand sculpture museum, visiting hours vary according to summer and winter seasons.

  • 1 May- 1 November: 09.30- 23.00
  • 1 November – 1 May: 09.00 – 19.00

Sandland Sand Sculpture Museum Pictures


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