Karain Cave – Turkey’s Natural and Large Caves

Karain cave is located within the borders of Yagca Village, which is 5-6 km away from the Old Antalya-Burdur highway. Karain Cave, which is approximately 430-450 meters above sea level, is among the largest natural caves in Turkey. Some excavations have been carried out since 1946 in the cave, which is located 27 km from Antalya.

About Karain Cave

As a result of the excavations carried out in the Karain Cave, it is revealed that the region was used as a settlement 500.00 years ago. Apart from this, the cave has the feature of being the largest cave where people within the borders of Turkey lived in previous times.

As a result of the excavations, many tools and different finds belonging to the past were found. These are tools and beads made from stones and bones. Some of these finds are in the Karain Museum, located right next to the cave, and some are in the Antalya Museum. As can be understood from the votive inscriptions on the outer walls of the cave, the cave was used as a worship area for a mountain goddess in the Roman Period.

The remains of animals such as elephants and hippopotamuses, which are not seen in Anatolia today, are found within the boundaries of the cave, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List. At the same time, the cave has the feature of being the only area proving that Neanderthal people lived in Turkey.

Karain Cave Visiting Days and Hours

Serving seven days a week, the cave is open to visitors at 08:00 every morning. The closing time of the cave is 17.00 and the ticket office closing time is 16.30.


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