Iotape Ancient Ruins – Ancient City Known as Aytap

The ancient city of Iatope, located in the Alanya district of Antalya province, is also called the ancient city of Aytap by the people. The city takes its name from Iotape, the wife of 4th Antiochos, King of Commagene. There are many different historical ruins within the borders of the ancient city. Most of these remains are dated to the Roman and Byzantine Periods.

The acropolis of the city is located on a high promontory extending towards the sea. Since the cape where the acropolis is located is surrounded by walls, this section has the appearance of an acropolis. There is a small harbor street in the part of the acropolis that is connected to the land. A large part of this street is not visible as it is located under the highway passing in the area.

There is a bay to the east of the acropolis. There is a small church with a single nave in this bay. The church was built in dedication to Hagios Georgios Stratelates. This information is reached through the inscribed fresco in the interior of a basilica with a rectangular plan. Apart from the church, there are also the remains of a bath in this area.

The historical ruins on the north side of the modern road mainly consist of cemeteries, houses and walls in the Necropolis area.

On the sea side of the ancient city, there is a temple dedicated to Trajana. In Aytap Ancient City, in addition to the remains such as buildings, the bathhouse and the infrastructure belonging to the ancient city are still visible today.

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