One of the Best Caves in Turkey – Dim Cave

Dim Cave is located on the slope of Cebeli Reis Mountain, which is located within the borders of Alanya district of Antalya. The cave, which is approximately 232 meters above sea level, has the distinction of being the second largest cave in Turkey opened to visitors. Dim Cave, which was opened to local and foreign tourists in 1998, is estimated to be one million years old.

The cave, which is an important example of geotourism for Turkey, was used as a shelter by people in the past. Opened to tourism in 1998, the cave was previously used as a shelter for goats.

The cave continues into the mountain by separating into two separate roads. While one arm of the cave is 50 meters, the other branch is 360 meters. Consisting of stalactites and stalagmites, Dim Cave also has a small lake at its bottom. Entrance and exit to the cave are provided by stairs. Dim Cave, which has a total length of 410 m and has the status of a horizontal, semi-dry cave, is open to local and foreign tourists.

There is an observation terrace and binoculars on the slope where the cave is located. On this terrace, you can also watch a part of the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and the panoramic view of Alanya Castle, which is very popular among touristic places. If you want to get information about the castle, you can take a look at our Alanya Castle article on our website.

It is located in an area where those who visit the cave can have a picnic. The picnic area is very close to the cave. There is also a restaurant with a capacity of 150 people. You can watch the nature view while enjoying food and drink at the restaurant.

If you wish, you can also stop by the Dim river valley by walking down the steep slope right after your cave tour. You can spend a pleasant time with your family in the picnic areas around the tea. If you want to get detailed information about Dim river, you can take a look at our Dim river article on our website.

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