Shipyard Beach (Tersane) – Close to the Historic Walls in Alanya

Tersane Plajı

Tersane beach, located between Kızılkule and Shipyard in Alanya, has a very interesting appearance as it is located in front of the historical city walls. You can see the beach during your trip to Kızılkule or Shipyard. You can spend the whole day without getting bored on the beach, which has a different look than other beaches. The beach is close to the center of Alanya.

Some parts of the beach have rocks in the water. However, many people say that they especially enjoy swimming in this rocky part.

The beach, which has a small structure, is also called the cold door beach. The outer surface of the beach and the water floor have large and small pebbles. You can bring sea shoes with you in order not to be disturbed by these pebbles.

The beach waters are quite clear and cool. You can come here to cool off and have a pleasant time in the summer months. Despite its small size and pebbly ground structure, the beach is liked by local and foreign tourists. At the same time, the beach is among the spots frequented by Alanya boat tours.

Beyond the historical walls surrounding the beach, there are businesses such as cafes where you can easily meet your various needs such as eating and drinking. The entrance to the beach is free, and you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas in the beach area.

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