Ucansu Waterfall in Antalya Gundogğmus – Close to Alanya

Ucansu waterfall is located in the valley under Kayabuku village, which is within the borders of Gundogmus district of Antalya province. The waterfall is also called Cundure waterfall because of the Çündüre Stream in the region. You can do many nature activities in and around the waterfall, which is defined as a paradise in the forest.

The waterfall is formed by the pouring of water from the water source located on a pointed hill, down the hill. The Ucansu waterfall, which was declared a 1st degree protected area in 1992, welcomes many tourists from both the country and abroad.

Although the height of the waterfall is not known exactly, some sources say that the height of the waterfall is approximately 50 meters. There are also camping and picnic areas in the forest area around the waterfall. Although these areas are not fully organized yet, you can have a pleasant time in these areas with your family or friends.

Gundogmus Ucansu waterfall camping area is free of charge as there is no business in the area yet. Since there are no businesses in the area, you must bring your camping and picnic equipment. Apart from camping and picnicking at Ucansu waterfall, you can also do swimming, trekking and nature photography.

Although Ucansu Waterfall is not managed by any business, there are fountains and sinks in the area. At the same time, it is free to light a fire for picnics and camping in the region. But after you are done with the fire, you must make sure that the fire is out.

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