Arykanda Ancient City with its Nature and Landscape

The ancient city of Arykanda, located in the Finike district of Antalya province, is in the Arif Village of the district. It is located at the foot of a rock called Sahinkaya in the southern part of Beydagları. Because of this location, it means Arykawanda in Luwian, that is, the Place by the High Cliff. In later times, the name Arykawanda turns into the name Arykanda.

Arykanda Ancient City Buildings

There are many different historical buildings in the ancient city of Arykanda. The oldest structure of the city is the rock tombs, which are thought to be built in the 3rd century BC, and the Temple of Helios.

The most important remains of this ancient city, which was built on terraces, are the gymnasium and bath in the lower terrace area, and the theatre, stadium, odeon, small bath and agora on the upper terrace. The ancient city theater is small in size but has the distinction of being the best preserved theater in the region.

In addition to these structures in the ancient city, there are shops built by carving some rocks, the Bouleuterion, the city’s parliament building, and a villa with a floor covering, a part of which consists of mosaics. This villa has 2 floors and has a history of 1600 years. There are no fortifications in the ancient city. Since the ancient city is a terrace city, the terrace walls take over the task of fortifications.

The Great Bath and Gymnasium complex, on the other hand, is not only the most magnificent structure of the city, but also has the feature of being preserved in the best way among the structures in the city.

Arykanda Ancient City Visit Times

Visiting hours of Arykanda Ancient City: Opening Time: 08.00 – Closing Time: 20.00.


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