Bay and Beach with Cave in Finike – Popular Bays in Antalya

The cove and beach with a cave in Finike, although known by the locals, are not well known among tourists. The bay is located on the Finike and Demre highway. It attracts a lot of attention, especially by the locals, and welcomes a lot of people in the summer months. Because of the cave in the bay, the locals call it Caved Bay. The cave is located on the left side of the beach. The bay, which has recently started to attract attention from tourists, fascinates many people with its nature.

Cove and Beach with Cave in Finike

As the name suggests, there is also a cave in the bay. Although the exact time of formation of the cave is not known, it is said to have formed naturally over thousands of years. Since the walls of the cave have a karstic structure, the waves erode this wall and form the cave. People like to take pictures in this cave apart from swimming at the beach.

The floor of the cove beach consists of white colored pebbles of various sizes. For this reason, it is useful to bring sea shoes when you come here. Since the waters inside the cave are shallow, you can swim comfortably in the cave.

The bay does not belong to any business yet. Therefore, there are no areas such as cafes and WC in the bay. It is recommended that you bring your own needs such as umbrellas in the bay where there is no shade area.

The bay is one of the preferred places among campers. If you like camping, you can camp for free in this bay.

It is one of the places you can visit for 1 day in Antalya. You can spend a nice day taking your food and drink needs with you.

Bay and Beach with Cave in Finike - (Mağaralı Koy - Finike Antalya) Bay and Beach with Cave in Finike - (Mağaralı Koy - Finike Antalya)


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