Yoruk Park in Kemer – Local Flavors and Open Museum

Yoruk park, Open air museum. It is located on a small peninsula in Kemer district of Antalya province, which is both a State Forest and a National Park. The park is also close to the Marina, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kemer. It is one of the places visited by tourists vacationing in Kemer and nearby. 

Details About Yoruk Park

If you want to try local delicacies, you can visit Yörük Park. You can try pancake and ayran. The view of Kemer from where the park is located is very beautiful. It is also very close to the famous Moonlight beach in Kemer.

The museum, which was established in 1982 with a Special Tourism Certificate, contains many items belonging to the Yoruk life. You can see many small works of nomadic life in the tents in the park. There are also small cute animals in the park.

In order to make the Yoruk life of the period feel better, lifeless mannequins and background music are played.

In addition, there is a 25-year-old forest area decorated with traditional items and created by supporting natural vegetation in the park. Those who wish can take a pleasant walk in this area. You can taste local dishes in the tent or open area in the park.

Visiting hours

The museum, which is open to visitors every day of the week, is open to visitors both on weekdays and on weekends between 08:00 and 18:00.



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