Dinosaur Park in Goynuk – Entertainment for Kids and Adults

If you like to visit interesting places on holiday or if you are interested in dinosaurs, Dinopark Antalya is just for you! Here you can see various endangered dinosaurs through realistic animatronic models. These mock-ups are designed to be exactly the same size as the simulated dinosaurs. Therefore, it offers a very realistic appearance.

Dinopark, one of the places where children and adults can have fun together: It is on the Kemer road in Göynük. It is 9 Km from Kemer center, 7 Km from Beldibi, 23 Km from Tekirova and 34 Km from Antalya Center.

Dinopark – Dinosaur Park in Antalya

The park has the distinction of being the largest dinosaur park in Europe. It is established on 30 acres of land within red pine and pistachio trees. In Dinopark, which is an open-air park, you can do many activities besides walking around and seeing dinosaur models.

You can have a unique experience for yourself and your child by coming to Dinopark, where there are very realistic models.

There is also a restaurant in the Dinopark where you can relax among various dinosaur models and meet your needs such as eating and drinking. You can meet your eating and drinking needs with the rich menu options offered by this restaurant.

There is also a small zoo with cute animals in the dinopark.

Activities in Dinopark

Activities in Dinopark are quite diverse. It is divided into two as paid and free.

Paid Dinopark Activities:

  • 7D cinema
  • horse tour
  • wheeled dinosaur
  • Trambolin jump 

Free Dinopark Activities:

  • Deepfear
  • Pool
  • fossil excavation
  • adventure track
  • To feed animal
  • Rideable dinosaur
  • Trampoline

You can come to the dinosaur park and see the animatronic dinosaur models in nature. At the same time, you can feel like you have encountered dinosaurs in the forest. You can have fun to the fullest by participating in many activities and have an unforgettable holiday with your children.



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