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Aspendos Aqueduct is one of the historical places to visit in Serik district of Antalya province. Described by many as an engineering marvel, the Aspendos aqueduct attracts the attention of those who love to see historical buildings and photography enthusiasts. Through an inscription in the Aspendos Ancient City, it is understood that the Aspendos Aqueduct was built by Tiberius Claudius Italicus. In terms of architectural features and construction technique, M.S. It is understood that it was built in the 2nd century.

Aspendos Aqueduct Story

Admired by many, Aspendos aqueduct is one of the historical structures built to marry the daughter of the king of the period.

Once upon a time, the King of Aspendos organizes a competition to find out who can serve the city the most. The king will give his daughter to the winner in the competition, that is, the winner of the competition will marry the king’s daughter. Hearing this, the craftsmen immediately start working to win the race.

When the day of decision comes, the King has to choose between the 2 places built. These structures are the Aspendos aqueduct and the nearby Aspendos ancient theater. While the king is going to make his choice in favor of the aqueduct, he is asked to look at the theater for the last time. As the king looks at the theater for the last time, he hears the words “The king’s daughter must be given to me” in the top gallery of the theatre. The king tries to find the person speaking, but cannot find it. The sound belongs to the architect who built the theatre. At the end of the competition, the architect of the theater wins and their wedding is held in the theater building.

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Aspendos Aqueduct - Aspendos Su Kemeri - Serik Antalya
Aspendos Aqueduct – Aspendos Su Kemeri – Serik Antalya


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