Health Tourism in Antalya

Dental Surgery in Antalya, Turkey – Information

With both its historical and natural places, Antalya Turkey is frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists. Antalya province is a city that is famous not only for sea tourism and historical tourism, but also for health tourism.

Dental Surgery in Antalya

There are many dental clinics and hospitals within the city limits. These dental clinics try to provide quality service to local and foreign patients every year.

Since serious and important procedures are performed in clinics, you may need to make an appointment in advance. You must make an appointment before coming to Antalya for both holiday and treatment. You can easily make appointments using various methods such as numbers and e-mails on the websites of dental clinics.

Some dental clinics open clinics in more than one district in order to provide services in different regions of Antalya. For example, some clinics are located in both Lara and Konyaaltı districts of Antalya province. This provides a comfortable treatment and holiday opportunity by allowing you to choose the clinic close to the area you are staying during your holiday.

In particular, some clinics have special programs for holiday tourism. Some of the clinics make agreements with hotels for both your treatment and your holiday. This way, you can stay in a modern and comfortable hotel with which your clinic has a contract during your treatment.

What are Antalya Dental Clinics Services?

Dental clinics offer many different services to patients. Some of these services can be performed at many clinics. There are also specific clinics for specific and sensitive dental problems.

  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Aesthetic Filling
  • Teeth whitening
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  • Pedodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Implant in One Day
  • Hollywood Smile
  • Laminate, zirconium, porcelain and E-max dental veneer types
  • Impacted Tooth Treatment
  • Jaw Cysts
  • Fissure Sealant
  • Tooth Tattoo
  • Gum Recession
  • Aesthetic Fillings
  • Digital Measurement and Scanning
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Digital 3D imaging
  • 3D Jaw and Teeth Tomography

What are the Antalya Dental Surgery Prices?

There are many different private dental clinics in Antalya. Since these clinics are private, the prices of surgeries and procedures vary from clinic to clinic. In addition, prices vary not only from clinic to clinic but also according to the procedures performed. Due to this situation, average price information is not available.

You can ask for price information via the phone numbers and e-mails on the websites of some private dental clinics.


I have been living in Antalya since 2018. I have had the opportunity to explore many tourist attractions in the city. I write about places to visit, things to do, and various topics I have learned. You can ask your questions through the website. If you have previously visited Antalya, you can contribute by sharing your experiences on the website.

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