Delikdeniz in Gazipasa – Known as the King’s Bay in Antalya

Delikdeniz, located in the Gazipasa district of Antalya, is also known as the king’s bay. Delikdeniz is 45 km from Gazipasa and 60 km from Alanya.

There are the ruins of the ancient city of Antiochia ad Cragum on the upper part of the place where Delikdeniz is located. The bay is admired not only for its turquoise waters and nature, but also for the beautiful view it creates with the historical ancient city. When you raise your head while swimming in the cove, you can see the remains of the castle walls of the ancient city.

Delikdeniz in Antalya Gazipasa

Delikdeniz also has an appearance like a pool separated from the Mediterranean. The connection of the bay, which is surrounded by cliffs and hills, with the Mediterranean is provided by the area where only a fishing boat can fit.

The road going down to Delikdeniz is like a path and a bit of a cliff, so you have to be careful while going down to the cove. The reason why this bay is called King’s Bay is because Antiochos I, the king of the period, used to swim here. The name Delikdeniz comes from the perforated rock in the bay. There are no private businesses in the bay. So if you’re going to come here, it’s a good idea to come prepared.

It is recommended that you bring your necessities such as food and water with you. You can have a picnic in the rocky areas around the bay.

A natural source of fresh water is available to take a shower after swimming in the cool waters of the bay. This fresh water flows very little, but taking a shower will suffice.

There is no beach area in the bay, and at the same time, the bay mostly consists of rocks. So, it is useful to be careful while coming here and bring your sea shoes with you.

Delikdeniz in Gazipasa - Known as the King's Bay in Antalya - (Gazipaşa Delikdeniz Kral Koyu) Delikdeniz in Gazipasa - Known as the King's Bay in Antalya - (Gazipaşa Delikdeniz Kral Koyu) Delikdeniz in Gazipasa - Known as the King's Bay in Antalya - (Gazipaşa Delikdeniz Kral Koyu)


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