Koru Beach – Beach with Natural Rock Pools in Gazipasa

Koru Beach is located within the borders of Gazipasa district of Antalya province. The beach, which is located in Koru Mahallesi of the district, is approximately 6 km away from the center of Gazipasa. Since there are natural pools inside the beach, Koru beach is also called “Natural Pools”. Natural pools on the beach attract the attention of many people. These pools are called Yali Stone among the people. Both locals and holidaymakers show great interest in this beach.

Koru Beach in Antalya Gazipasa

The beach is also among the natural spawning grounds of the Caretta Carettas in the Mediterranean Region. There are three separate natural pools on the beach. Two of them are suitable for non-swimmers and children. The other natural pool has a rapidly deepening structure and if you do not know how to swim, you have to be careful. The beach, which is quieter on weekdays, is quite crowded, especially on weekends.

Since the sea water is very clear, you can easily see the bottoms of natural pools and fish swimming under water. The water floor of Koru Beach, which attracts attention especially by families with children, consists of stones and rocks. These rocks are slippery in some places and sharp in others. For this reason, it is useful to bring your sea shoes with you when you come here.

Beach entrances are free as the beach is not managed by any business. In addition, there are no sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach. However, there are areas where you can meet your shower, food, beverage and sink needs.

If you want to go to the beach with your car, there is a parking lot. There is also a restaurant close to the beach. If you wish, you can have a picnic here with your family or friends, or you can dine at the restaurant.

Koru Beach - Koru Plajı - Gazipaşa Antalya Koru Beach - Koru Plajı - Gazipaşa Antalya


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