Alanya Shipyard – Historical Seljuk Shipyard and Museum

Historical Alanya Seljuk Shipyard, which was the first shipyard of the Seljuks in the Mediterranean, was built by the 1st Alaaddin Keykubat. The shipyard, which is free to enter, was built in 1227. With a length of 57 meters and a height of 40 meters, the shipyard is not only used for shipbuilding and ship accommodation. In the shipyard, both ship repairs and sailing and ship equipment are made.

The building, which served as a shipyard until the 1960s, is now used as a museum. The entrance to the museum begins with a wooden walkway, and in the first eye of the shipyard there is a crane belonging to the Ancient Period.

In the second eye, you can see the Cekevele boat, a sailboat belonging to the Ottoman Empire Period, which sails rapidly at sea and was used for logistics and supply in all periods, in Alanya shipyard.

In the third eye, there is a main mast, various tools used for shipbuilding and a fresh water well.

While the fourth eye of the shipyard has antique anchors, the fifth eye contains various tools used to determine direction.

Shipyard Alanya Shipyard Alanya Shipyard Alanya Shipyard Alanya


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