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Suluada Island, Known as the Maldives of Antalya

Suluada, known as the Maldives of Antalya, the Maldives of the Mediterranean or the Maldives of Turkey, is an island located in the district of Kumluca. You can visit Suluada by boat tours from Kumluca Adrasan or by boat tours from places such as Ucagiz and Kekova in Demre. Suluada, which is famous as Antalya’s Maldives, is one of the places that has attracted the attention of tourists in recent years.

Suluada is about 2 Km from the mainland and there is no life on the Island. The length of the island is about 1200 meters. Known as Antalya’s Maldives, Suluada’s beach is one of the places that fascinates those who see it with its clear water and white sands. If you want to go to Suluada from Antalya center or places like Kemer, Adrasan is closer. In Suluada, known as the Maldives of Antalya, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the clear waters.


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