Myra Ancient City, Famous for its Rock Tombs

Myra Ancient City is located in Antalya Demre and there are many places to visit nearby other than the ancient city. The ancient city is built on the alluvial plain consisting of soil carried by the Demre Stream, also known as Myros. Archaeological excavations in the city were carried out in 2009.

Historical Buildings of Myra Ancient City

The city, which had its most glorious time in the second and third centuries AD, lost its importance in the following years due to severe earthquakes and the alluviums carried by the Demre stream. There are many structures that have not yet come to light.

Myra Ancient City Theater

The ancient theater, dating back to the second century AD, was built thanks to a donation made by a wealthy member of the city. In the following periods, some changes were made in the theater and with these changes, the theater turned into an arena where gladiator fights could be held.

The theater building attracts a lot of attention because it was converted into an arena in later periods. The theater is highly appreciated not only for its transformation into an arena, but also for its decoration with many different figures such as eagles, legendary sea creatures called sirens and Meddusa.

Rock Tombs in Myra

Some of the rock tombs located within the borders of the ancient city are located in the area where the rocks on the theater are located, and some are located in the area called the river necropolis. Among the rock tombs in the city, the rock tombs located above the acropolis area, where the city was first founded, attract attention due to their appearance.

These tombs are built similar to the temples or wooden houses of the Lycians. Some of these tombs contain inscriptions along with reliefs. The inscriptions indicate who these graves belong to.

Alakent Church

Myra Alakent Church, which was recently unearthed, dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The church remains very well preserved until today. The reason for this is that the church remains under the alluvial layer formed by the alluvium carried by the Demre stream.

Walls, Bath and Basilica

A large part of the walls in the city date back to the Roman Period. There are some ruins on the road leading from the theater to the city center. These ruins are thought to be baths or basilicas.

Myra Ancient City Visiting Hours

Visiting hours of Myra Ancient City, which is open to visitors seven days a week, are the same in both summer and winter seasons. You can visit the ancient city between 08:00 and 20:00.

Myra Ancient City, Famous for its Rock Tombs - Myra Antik Kenti - Alakent Demre Antalya Myra Ancient City, Famous for its Rock Tombs - Myra Antik Kenti - Alakent Demre Antalya Myra Ancient City, Famous for its Rock Tombs - Myra Antik Kenti - Alakent Demre Antalya


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